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China Shandong Qingdao
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EDU - Private and Corporate Classes 企培EDU - Universities and International Schools 大学/国际学校EDU - Private Institutes and kindergartens 学龄前/幼儿园EDU - Online/Phone Teaching 在线教育EDU - Elementary & Secondary Public Schools 公立中小学
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hardworking and dedicated
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Eric Kofi Prebi
Date of Birth: 30th,July,1974
Languages Known: English, Chinese, French and a little Japanese
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Mobile: 18866237502

Career Objective
Seeking the position of an English Teacher in an organization that will give me an opportunity to pass on my knowledge to the students in a an innovative manner.

10 years of experience as a English Teacher.
Currently working in Qingdao Saisi Language School.
Excellent communication Skill.

Profound knowledge of English language and ability to teach the language for all sorts of students i.e. for those who have English as there second language and those who have not.

Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to explain the text.

Highly skilled in using the different course books and material for teaching English as well as having a great passion and love for English language.

Ability to plan, collect material and deliver the lessons in the class.

Ability to inspire the students for desired results in the language teaching task.

Personal Qualities
Using self ideology for a better result in this field.
Making use of different technique for attaining the goal of the organization.

1)Currently working as an English Teacher in QINGDAO SAISI from 2013.
Qingdao Success Foreign Language School
Duration: July 2013 - (Now)
Position: Oral English Teacher.
Courses Taught: Primary,Middle and high school students, Business and Oral English..

2) Qingdao Technological University-QinDaoCollege-青岛理工大学琴岛学院
Duration: Sept.2013 – June, 2019
Position: Oral English Teacher & Ielts speaking teacher
Course Taught:, Oral English,Ielts
Majors Taught: Accounting, Marketing, International Trade, Logistics , ACCA and English major students

3)Qingdao Au pair Cultural Exchange Co. –青岛互惠生文化交流有限公司,
Duration: June 2015- Dec 2016
Position: Oral English Teacher and Director of Training.
Course Taught: Spoken English and Western Culture.

4)Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational School
Duration: March 2015- Dec 2016
Position: Oral English Teacher
Course taught: English Salon & CET 4 related

5) Qingdao # 28 Middle School 青岛28中学校
Duration: March 2014- Dec 2017
Position: Oral English Teacher

6) Qingdao # 42 Middle School.青岛42中学校
Duration: Dec 2014
Position: Oral English Teacher

7) Shandong Road Primary School 山东路小学
Duration: March 2014-July 2014
Position: Oral English Teacher

8) Ping An # 2 Road Primary School. 平安2路小学
Duration: March 2014-July 2014
Position: Oral English Teacher

9) Shan Qing Road Primary School 青岛上清路小学
Duration: March 2014-July 2014
Position: Oral English Teacher

10) Qingdao Dongsheng Road Primary School.青岛东鉎路小学
Duration: March 2014-July 2014
Position: Oral English Teacher

11) Qingdao #53 Middle School青岛53中学校
Duration: March 2014-July 2016
Position: Oral English Teacher

Academic Qualification

- Alison College| Teaching English as a Second Language | Oct. 2017-Ireland

Auckland University - | Bachelor in English Education | 2003 - New Zealand

- University of Cape Coast- INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION 1996


Training Courses and Affiliated Membership

1)National Council for Teacher Education-Chicago芝加哥教师教育委员会

2)Conference for English Educators (CEE)-Colorado State University-July 2013

3) TOESL 2007 Symposium (English Teaching in Resource-Challenged Contexts)-HK.


1)Mr. XueHongpeng (The Headmaster)
Qingdao Saisi Foreign Language School
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