Name 姓名:
Joshua matimba
Sex 性别:
Age 年龄:
I think I'm from 来自:
My Current Area
My Current Specific Spot (Street/Building Name)
Desired Job Categories
EDU - Online/Phone Teaching 在线教育EDU - Elementary & Secondary Public Schools 公立中小学EDU - Middle/High School Institutes 私立补习班EDU - Home/Private Tutoring 家教EDU - Other Teaching Jobs 其它教育类职位
Preferred Job Location
English teacher
My Strong Points
Very hardworking and punctual
Profile & Introduction
Personal Summary
Am a recent Actuarial Science graduate with an ability to reduce costs and provide strategic leadership, knowledge and experience in the field of actuarial science. I also hold certificates in TEFL and TESOL training programs, I have excellent communication skills and ability to communicate professionally with Students, colleagues and senior managers on detailed issues.
To contribute effectively towards the achievements and attainment of institutional goals by pursuing a shared vision with other institutional members and stakeholders.
2011-2013: Senior secondary school at Arakan Boys High School.
2015-2019: Actuarial Science Degree at Zhejiang University Of Science And Technology
2019-2020: Acquired TEFOL and TEFL certificate at Open Academy International

Skills and Competences
Understand knowledge of students, their development and appreciate diversity.
Creates an Effective Learning Environment
Understands Subject Matter
Plans and Designs Appropriate Learning Experiences
Uses On-going Assessment to Monitor Student Learning
Able to identify student needs
Excellent at communication

Personal Skills
Ability to communicate advanced concepts
Good team player with excellent problem solving skills
Fluent in English language, intermediate in Chinese language
Summary of Personal Attributes
Ability to learn quickly, using initiative and creativity
High personal integrity, and able to relate to and create trust in all
Highly articulate, confident, impartial and excellent interpersonal skills
Flexibility to work with diverse and multicultural teams, dependable and reliable
Strong networking skills
Goal oriented, disciplined and committed to achieving top class results with minimum supervision
Time conscious and Results driven
Analytical and Strategic thinker/Entrepreneurial thinker
Personal details
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 23rd January, 1996
Nationality: Zambian
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