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    150 to 200 per hour
    Native English Teachers Needed Urgently
    An English Training School is looking for qualified native English teachers. Most of the courses are on the weekend and the evenings from Wednesday to Friday. If you are warm-hearted, active, patient, energetic and easy going, and like to teach the kids around 2-10 years old, you will find it's the position you are looking for and you will get the benefit as below.
    serials of trainings;
    salary of / 150 to 200 per hour;
    end of the contract bonus;
    yearly attendance rewarding;
    one month holiday per year;
    work visa (BA+ESL certificate)
    If you've got ...
    ID:253912| 2019/07/10/08点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    8000-12000 yuan/month(negotiable)
    Great teacher are needed!
    "Our School is looking for one or two more full time teachers to join our dynamic faculty! Our school is located in Kunming's Chenggong district, close to the metro, modern apartments, Carrefour and Starbucks. Most of our students are age 3 to 13 and class sizes are kept quite small. We provide all the teaching materials one could need, just bring yourself, enthusiasm and a smile. We offer training and help throughout your journey of finding yourself as teacher. Each class has an English-speaking native Chinese assistant to help the foreign teacher, if needed. So you...
    ID:253885| 2019/07/08/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    150-200 RMB per hour
    Experienced English Teacher for Children Needed
    Professional Eglish Teacher needed in Kunming(full-time/part-time)
    Company Information
    Name: Bright Education
    Programs:Eglish training for kids
    Address:20th floor,Fengyuan Building,Rennin middle Road,Wuhua District
    Job description
    1. Job title: English Teacher;
    2. Provide English course to students of all ages (3 to 18 mainly);
    3. Give demonstration classes to new and prospective students and participate in marketing activities;
    4. Attend weekly training, workshops and do all required paperwork (lesson plans, study plans, activity plan...
    ID:253792| 2019/07/01/10点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    RMB 3000-6000+/month
    Part Time Native English Teacher needed in Kunming
    Kenton International Preschool locates at Hong Ta East Road, Dianchi Wei Cheng, Kunming.
    Business Scope: Preschool education from age 2 to 5.
    [Please send your CV and current photo to us.]

    -Native English speaker
    -Bachelor degree or higher
    -Work experience as an toddler teacher in oversea countries
    -Strong willing to sign a one-year labor contract with our preschool
    -Support to send all the documents required to apply for work
    -Do the lesson plan per day
    -Current CV and Photo
    - Teacher certificat...
    ID:253461| 2019/06/13/10点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    English teacher needed
    We are English training center located in the city of Kunming. At the moment we looking for part time teachers who interested to teach in kindergarten.
    1. Native speaker
    *Non native with a good accent are welcome.
    2. Part time or full time
    3. Willing to sign at least one year contract
    4. Responsible and serious with teaching
    5. Experience and qualified
    6. Enjoy to work with young children
    7. Willing to work outside area of Kunming
    Work place: Anning, Chenggong, Kunming University, North Kunming.
    If you are interested or have any questions don'...
    ID:253313| 2019/06/04/12点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    English Teacher needed at Wenshan
    We're the largest center at local town and looking for amazing teachers to teach ESL.Join us in our training center based in Wenshan, the city is bordering Vietnam and good for all kinds of visas.
    Job details
    working at a beautiful center,
    25-30 teaching hours a week
    students aged 4-18
    Salary and benefits
    RMB15000/Month with FREE
    apartment and lunch
    Sponsored work visa(papers authenticated)
    Ongoing teaching training and support.
    Very friendly with ladies.
    Native in written and spoken English
    Bachelor's Degree holder
    TEFL certificate...
    ID:253312| 2019/06/04/07点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after tax(depend on your qualification)+free apartment or housing allowance.
    2. Free apartment or 1500 RMB housing allowance.
    3. System teaching training at Guangzhou HQ.
    4. Free airport pick up ...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252704| 2019/04/29/17点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    10000-18000 RMB
    Our company is committed to finding the best foreign teachers for children's English institutions and kindergartens. We will provide you with generous remuneration, salary and environment.

    Job description:
    Work in a kindergarten or training center
    Teach 2-12 years old students
    Work hours: 40 hours in a week, less than 25 teaching hours,5 days working 2 days off per week.
    18-45 years old
    Native English speaker or non-native with good accent from European countries.
    Healthy,Patient and love kids. Degree holder,non criminal record
    1.10000 to 18000 RMB per month after...
    Melhome ESL company
    ID:252703| 2019/04/29/17点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    high salary
    This is Longing Sun English School. We are teaching American English to kids aged from 3-13 . We are now recruiting part-time English teachers from English speaking country. Welcome to join us. Requirements for the job are as follows:

    (1) To stay in Kunming for a long term.

    (2) Native English speaker.
    (3) Worked in kindergarten or English training school.
    (4) Being good at teaching English to children aged from 3-13.

    If you are interested in the job, please email us your CV first. We will call you if you are the one qualified for the job and we will invite you to come to our school....
    ID:252644| 2019/04/24/12点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    11,000 RMB
    Full Time English Teacher Wanted
    We are an English training school looking for full-time teachers for students aged 5-17, year-round.
    1. Native English Speakers
    2. Full time.
    3. Willing to sign a one or two year contract at minimum.
    4. Graduated with a bachelor/Master degree and holding TEFL/TESOL certificate.
    5. Responsible and enjoy working with young students.
    6. Outgoing and easy-going.
    7. 24 to 45 years old
    8. Excellent class management ability and can keep active class atmosphere.
    9. Work place: Kunming city, Yunnan province. (near city center)
    Salary and bonu...
    ID:252507| 2019/04/13/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    12000 - 18000 RMB per month
    Wee Kinder Kollege
    Wee Kinder Kollege is offering a new position as a primary school teacher in August/September. Situated around 300km north of Kunming right between Danshanbao and Xiaozaoba mountain area, the school itself is located in the county capital Zhaotong.
    Let's be clear again, Zhaotong is far away from the big multinational cities, no foreigners Bars/pubs or restaurants etc...What it offers to you is a real glims of Chinese culture and practically untouched breathtaking nature.
    This add is addressed to the enthusiastic teachers looking for a new experience.
    Most of your studen...
    ID:252424| 2019/04/07/07点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    120 RMB (after tax) per 50minute
    inlingua is looking for qualified language teacher
    Remuneration for Part-time teachers:
    - 120 RMB (after tax) per 50minute session
    - Classes in general consist of two 50 minute sessions
    - All course books and teaching materials are provided by the employer
    - Bonus completion of one year depend on total teaching hours of the year
    Required qualifications for Part-time teachers:
    - Minimum of Bachelor's Degree or higher from an accredited university
    - Near-native fluency in the language of instruction
    - Professional language teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL etc.)
    - Professional language...
    ID:252412| 2019/04/05/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    150 yuan/hour
    Part-Time Native English wanted
    Job description:
    (1) Teach Oral English to kindergarten kids and primary students, teaching experience needed.
    (2) Native English speaker (prefer UK, America, Canada or Australia teacher ). (3) Love and patient, enjoy working with kids.
    (4) To promote and preserve a happy atmosphere to attract kids involved in the school.
    (5) No criminal record or any harmful habits
    Location: Jianshe Road and Kunming, Yunnan
    salary:around 150 yuan/hour
    If you are interested in this job position: please contact me Colin
    PT |
    ID:252409| 2019/04/04/16点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    high salary
    English teachers needed
    We need both part time teachers and full time teachers
    We require that you:
    -A real native English speaker
    -Mature and professional
    -Bachelor's degree
    -More than one years of teaching experience
    -Love children and love education
    -Apartment and lunch included
    Employment Description:
    International Kindergarten teachers
    International Primary school teachers
    International High school teachers
    ESL teachers for the Kindergarten
    ESL teachers for the English Training School
    For more information, please contact the following:
    Andes:(message only)
    ID:252408| 2019/04/04/15点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    12000-15000 for Univeristy ESL Teachers
    Monthly salary:12000-15000RMB
    free apartment provided
    Airfare reimbursement 10000RMB
    Medical insurance provided
    Contract duration:one year
    Work visa processed
    Students age group: adults level
    18classes and 5 working days per week
    Start Date:August,2019

    Required Qualifications:
    bachelor degree holder or above
    Native English speakers only
    Any relevant university teaching experience preferred.
    Responsible for the task arranged by the employer
    Jiaxing Rick Culture Commuication Co.,Ltd
    ID:251522| 2019/03/05/14点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    (VIP) 20000-25000
    we need native english teachers,

    Beijing (fangshan)

    provide BECAUTIFUL apartment
    work visa / business visa
    25-40 years old

    ID:251588| 2019/03/07/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > CORP
    high salary
    Graphic + WordPress Web Designer
    Our company is currently looking for a Graphic + WordPress Web Designer with the following responsibilities:
    • Develop websites from scratch using WordPress as a CMS framework.
    • Assist with the development of designing graphics for websites, newsletters, advertising, social media, and a variety of other creative tasks.
    • Design web pages - full sites, landing pages, etc.
    • Perform quality control on website.
    • Coordinate and update web content (photos, text & graphics).
    • Ensure that sites are optimized for search engines before going live (compan...
    ID:252092| 2019/03/22/09点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    English Teacher Needed
    -Professional language teaching Certificate (TEFL or CELTA ).
    -A BA or higher from a university in a native English speaking country.
    We offer:
    -Full time positions are 24 hours teaching and 3 office hours per week.
    -We offer a base monthly salary of RMB11000
    -Two months off per year (paid holiday equivalent to RMB 8000 to be taken between school semesters )
    -Small class sizes- maximum 10 students
    -Contract completion bonus RMB8000.
    -Health Insurance
    -The cost of work visa RMB3000.
    ID:251980| 2019/03/15/11点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    Looking for English teacher
    Position Information:
    • One year contract
    • 5 working days per week
    • Maximum 23 teaching hours per week
    • Class size: 4-10 students (adults and kids students)
    • Pre-made lesson plans and training curriculum
    Salary and Benefits:
    • For natives salary 13000,Non natives 10000 (negotiable as per your teaching experience and qualifications)
    • Cosy apartment provided
    • Commercial Medical Insurance
    Paid holidays
    Qualifications and Requirements:
    • Native speakers and Non Native speakers with good accent
    • Willing to work on weekends
    • Willing to te...
    ID:251979| 2019/03/15/11点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    high salary
    Male English Teacher Needed
    1.Full time and Part time English teacher in north Kunming
    Working days:Wednesday to Sunday
    2.Teaching younger children under 3 in Early Childhood Education Center
    1.Native or Non-native(with a good accent)English teacher.
    2.Responsible and enjoy being with kids.
    3.Passionate about education and interested in Early Childhood teaching
    4.Out-going and easy-going
    5.Can sign the contract with us for at least one year.
    We can negotiate about the salary.
    Please send your CV to email
    We will contact you if we find your CV matche...
    ID:251977| 2019/03/15/10点
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