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    Position in shaoxing city , Zhejiang province 
    Job status center students: 3-12 years old
    2. Every week 5days working
    3. Teaching time is less than 25 hours per week, no more than 15 hours for office
    1. Good pronunciation, with good teaching skills
    2. Could start asap or in March next year
    3. School can help to handel working visa
    1. Salary non native speaker: 10k-15k per month, 
    native speaker: 13k-20k per month
    2. some can provide free housing or housing allowance
    3. Holidays: Chinese legal holidays
     If you are interested, Pls contact us
    ID:249904| 2019/01/20/12点
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    $2,500 - $3,000 + Apartment
    What should you know about teaching in Myanmar

    Myanmar is an enchanting and mysterious country that has a tumultuous background. Formally known as Burma, Myanmar has been isolated from the rest of the world for the last twenty years due to inner political turmoil.
    Recently Myanmar has opened it’s borders and joined ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). They are a nation on the rise, with both domestic and foreign investors building a bigger economy.
    With the rapid flood of investment and opportunity, and the fact that English is poised to be the official business language of A...
    ID:249435| 2019/01/10/19点
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    Training center in Zhejiang province Jinning city needs an English teacher asap

    China, Jining

    Starting date:Asap

    clear pronunciation

    one year teaching experience

    salary15-20k before tax

    office hours per week: work day 14:30-20:30. weekend 9:00-16:00

    days off: monday and Wednesday.or Tuesday and Thursday.

    native speaker

    class size: 12 students

    length of class:45mins


    apartment:1000rmb per month

    airport allowance:6000 rmb per year

    Z visa provided
    ID:249373| 2019/01/09/17点
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    13,000 - 15,000 RMB after tax
    Salary: 13,000 - 15,000 RMB after tax
    Housing allowance: 2000 RMB.
    Relocation bonus: 10,000 RMB receive at the first month payment.
    TEFL reimbursement: upto 3000 RMB receive at the first month payment.
    Demo lesson and performance bonus: 2000 - 3000 RMB on top.

    How about teaching experience?

    Students from 3 - 12 years old.
    Small class size: 8 - 14 students per class.
    Working schedule: 5 days per week, 36 working hours.
    Days off: Monday - Tuesday.
    ID:249120| 2019/01/05/08点
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    Hui zhou training school needs teacher from Philippine , male preferred . Salary 9k and housing , ( probation) , 10k and housing , visa provided , 40 h/w , flight ticket allowance ( renewal one year contract)
    ID:247936| 2018/12/15/09点
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    ACT NOW - this is a new position. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are of getting the job!

    A new semester will start, if you want to change your job, there are many good chances, don't miss them. Helping foreigners find suitable jobs is our duty. So we try our best to open many positions for you.

    At present, we are in urgent need of 10 full-time native English teachers in public elementary schools ! ¥13000-20000 per month as subsidy. We also offer free accommodation.

    China has a long history and rich culture, if you are interested in China and are eager to learn about it...
    Beijing Risunhongwen International Culture Exchang
    ID:247802| 2018/12/13/13点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    Well Paid English Teaching Position in Training Center!
    Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang province
    Start: asap

    Workload: Mon.-Fri. : 9am-5pm, weekends off
    Students age: 3-6

    Salary: 15-20k
    Insurance provided
    Airfare allowance provided
    Work meals provided

    BA degree or above
    At least 2yrs working experience and related reference letter
    Z visa required

    If you are interested in this position, pls do not hesitate and contact me!
    ID:247475| 2018/12/06/07点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    Ningbo Union Education Academy is looking for an English teacher in Ningbo
    Vancancies: 1
    Location: Haiwaitan Jaingbei District (Near by Jiangbei Wanda plaza)
    Starting date: immediately
    Students age: 3-12, 6 to 8 students per class
    Workload: 25h/per week include the teaching and office hours.
    Salary: Negotiable + Free apartment
    Visa: Work visa, resident permit
    1. Native English speaker with Bachelor degree and 2 years of teaching experience.
    2. Non-native English speaker with Bachelor degree at native English speaking country and 2 years of teaching experience.If y...
    ID:246721| 2018/11/21/08点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    👩‍🏫👩‍🏫NON NATIVES👨‍🏫👨‍🏫
    English teacher in a training center


    Beijing, Ningbo, Linyi (Shandong province)


    Send a message to me if you’re searching for a position in any other city.

    ☝️Ask me about other cities if you’re interested✌️



    Work visa provided

    No more than 25 hours of teaching
    Two days off per week
    ID:246658| 2018/11/19/22点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    URGENT!Both native and non-native teachers have a look here.
    But no South Eastern Asian (like Filipino...) , no middle eastern Asian( like Pakistanis , Iranian , Turkish...) , no middle Africans( like Ugandan ... ) ,but only accept South African, Moroccan and Egyptian in Africa.
    The reason : we can’t make work visa for the countries listed above successfully becoz of policy . We only accept illegal teachers , so pls don’t contact me and send email if you are from those areas, or it’s wasting your time , Sorry for the inconvenience.

    SALARY:10000RMB after taxes for non-native and Sout...
    ID:246026| 2018/11/07/16点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    10000RMB - 15000RMB /month
    Type: Full-time Working Location: university in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province Subject/Course: Project Management in Engineering Organisations; Advanced Manufacturing Technology; Computer Aided Machining; Business Management Techniques; Personal & Professional Skills Development Working time: Monday-Friday, no weekend or evening classes Teaching load: no more than 20 teaching hours per week Class size: 30--40 Accommodation: free apartment inside campus with full furniture Contract: one year (flexible, can be renewed) Air ticket allowance: 5, 000---8, 000 RMB per year(after one year's service) Sala...
    ID:245599| 2018/10/30/05点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    📢🆕 Linhai Training Center 🏯
    👤 Native Teacher Needed
    📍: Linhai , Zhejiang prov
    Age Group: 3-12 years old 👫
    Working Days: Wed - Sun
    Hours: Under 40 hrs a week
    Class Size: 10 kids max 🤷🏼♀️
    Benefits: Paid Holidays 👌
    Salary : 18k - 20k a mo.
    Housing: Free housing
    Visa: OK - No Problem ☑️
    🇺🇸🇬🇧🇧🇷🇳🇱Non-Natives ok✔️
    ID:245394| 2018/10/26/22点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    11k- 15k a mo.
    Shaoxing Training Center need Native Teacher Asap
    location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang prov
    Age Group: 4-14 years old
    Working Days: Wed - Sun
    Hours: Under 35 hrs a week
    Class Size: 10 kids max
    Benefits: Paid Holidays
    Salary : 11k- 15k a mo.
    Housing: free housing
    🇧🇷🇳🇱🇸🇪🇿🇼 Non-Natives ok
    ID:245256| 2018/10/24/17点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    13k to  18K RMB
    Full time English teachers needed now in a training center near Wen ling, Zhe jiang province,       Requirements: experienced   English native speakers without strong accent preferred ; outgoing and enthusiastic attitude needed. Students are 3 to 12 years old. o more than 40 working  hours per week. And  the wage is 
    13k to  18K RMB, housing offered. working visa sponsored;   according to the  real experience and qualificaitons .If you are interested and qualified. kindly send your CV and short video to us.
    ID:245147| 2018/10/22/16点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    Beijing , chengdu , fuzhou province school needs Many foreigner teachers Only full time

    1. Native and non Native with good Accent (white) Teachers
    2. Age Group:3-12 years old
    3. Start Date: ASAP
    4. Length of Contract: one year
    5. Working hours: 25 hours +two day rest (one week)
    6. Salary: 14000-20000 CNY/month
    7. TEFL or TESOL
    8. Holidays:Chinese traditional holidays
    9. Accommodation:Free
    10. Flight allowance After Contract
    If you are interested, please send your resume ,visa ,passport ,Bachelors Degree,TEFL/TESOL,send your Introduction video thank you!
    chengdu kai hua
    ID:244995| 2018/10/19/14点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    9000RMB - 12000RMB /month
    Do you enjoy traveling, culture, amazing food, and new experience's Would you like to get paid to travel, eat amazing food, meet wonderful new people and live for FREE?
    We are searching for professionals who are serious and passionate about teaching and living abroad in China! Many top schools in the booming cities of China are seeking positive individuals to teach English and to learn from you

    This once in a lifetime opportunity pays you to travel, eat, and live for FREE while teaching and shaping young minds of tomorrow

    Come experience one of the oldest civilizations as well as ...
    Find Work Abroad
    ID:244622| 2018/10/12/10点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    18000RMB - 20000RMB /month
    To Apply visit this link:
    We are looking for:
    I'd full-time Native English speakers with teaching experience.
    owe work a 30-hour week 2 full days off.
    IOU will work in kindergarten, kids aged 3-6 years old.
    IOUr teaching role is helping students refine their oral English skill and basic reading ability.
    We offer you:
    18 K-20 K after tax no apartment or 15 K with apartment and meals
    itchiness working visa
    free TEFL certificate
    itchiness classes, 3 hours a week
    3-4 weeks holiday and you will be pay partly salary.
    insurance covered.
    Location: Shenzhen, Ch...
    Find Work Abroad
    ID:244442| 2018/10/08/03点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    15000RMB - 25000RMB /month
    15-25 K Bilingual kindergarten Needed at Kindergarten in Shunyi


    To help children in class create English context and improve their English application ability.

    Working address: Hou Sha Yu, Shunyi District

    Student age: 1.5-6

    Class size: 20-25

    Working Time and Lunch Break: Monday-Friday 8: 30am-5: 30pm, Lunch Break 1 hour. Weekends off

    Salary: 20-25k for native, 15-20 K for non-native.

    Work visa provided: Yes.

    How long is the vacation: 1 month in winter and summer vacation separately, full paid salary.

    Must work with work v...
    Find Work Abroad
    ID:244441| 2018/10/08/03点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    2250 USD to 2625 USD Monthly
    Salary: 2250 USD to 2625 USD Monthly
    Work visa provided: No
    Teaching Students age: kindergarten
    Work Location: Hangzhou

    - Teaching experience
    - Degree in any field
    - Passport holders

    ID:244360| 2018/10/06/10点
  • Zhejiang Jobs > EDU
    High Salary
    Small City (Close to Beach) in Zhejiang China Looking for ESL Teacher

    If you don't like big cities, here is your opportunity to relocate to a small city which is only 10 min to beautiful beach.
    Successful candidates will be offered full-time teaching positions with an one-year contract.
    The candidates will be provided with a working visa and should be ready to start the application process upon acceptance of the position.
    Teachers are expected to participate/contribute to the following activities:
    1. One week shadow/observation/training
    2. To have trainings in the Field pedagogy and me...
    ID:244342| 2018/10/05/13点
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