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  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    6000 per month
    1: Beijing City, Part time Morning job, Ping Xi Fu station line 8 , kindergarten. Tuesday from 2 to 4 pm, Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday: 8:30-10:30 am. 6000 RMB per month. Only need female teacher with rich experience. Start from July. Contact me to know better.
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    ID:253614| 2019/06/20/23点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    300per day
    Prt time English Teaching Job
    Early education center.
    3.Work Time ,
    kids age . 0-6 years
    300 yuan everyday
    5. Requirements,
    need experienced teacher with good english teaching skills.
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    ID:253541| 2019/06/17/00点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    1、A large number of recruitment of performing arts part-time personnel, mainly responsible for small video recording, working hours: Half a day, work address: Beijing. Requirements: Good image, love of performance, salary day knot
    2、Need a lot of summer part-time teachers, summer camp activities, students age 6-12 years old, camp in: Hebei, departure location Beijing, wages: 6000-7000 yuan/month, requirements: pronunciation standards, teaching experience
    3、ESL teaching positions in the following cities:
    Beijing, Chengdu, Xianghe, Zhengzhou, Taizhou, Yinchuan, Baotou, Xuzhou, Wenzhou, Cha...
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    ID:253333| 2019/06/05/17点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Urgently need native speaker teacher or with clear accent supporting an activity for kids about Rubbish Classification today 3-4pm at Line 13 Fengzhuang Rd. station, 400Rmb paid right after the activity.
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    ID:253147| 2019/05/25/17点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    160-220rmb/h. 12000-25000rmb/m
    Native or Non native teachers with good accent. ONE ON ONE vip class English Teachers needed in Beijing(subway line 1 Gongzhufen station; line 10 Bagou station; line 6 Dongdaqiao station; line 2 Chegongzhuang station; line 5 Huixinxijiebeikou station). Full time or part time position. 160-220rmb/h. 12000-25000rmb/m. Flexible working time without office hours(or fixed basic salary with office hours). students age is 3-40 years old. If you have good English level and good accent please contact wechat
    ID:252782| 2019/05/11/12点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    180RMB per hour
    Part time teacher needed
    this Wed
    5:40-6:25 &6:35-7:20pm
    6:00-6:45 &7:00-7:45pm,
    5:50-6:35&6:55-7:40pm(1.5h per time )
    Sun 2-6pm
    in Yizhuang Not a far from Shuangjing station.

    180RMB per hour

    Person to contact:
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    ID:252756| 2019/05/07/22点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Part time native home Tutoring teachers needed for 3-6 years old kids in Beijing

    Working Schedule:
    20h teaching hours per week
    Teaching schedule
    18:30-20:30 Mon to Fri
    10:00-20:30 Sat to Sun

    Duration of each class: 90 minutes

    Student Age: 3-12 years old

    Class Info: 2-5 kids per class
    Teaching Content:
    1) Phonics
    2) Words
    3) Writing Technique
    4) Oral English Coaching
    1) Probation period: 14-20k RMB/Month.
    2) Contractual Salary: 16-25k RMB/Month.
    ) Love and understand kids and like to interact well with them,
    PT |
    ID:252724| 2019/05/06/07点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Substitute ENglish teachers needed right now near to Military Museum, line 1, Bei JIng .

    Wed: 13.00-20:30 (including office hours)
    Thu: 9.00AM-19.00PM
    Sat: 9.00AM-18.00PM
    Sun: 9.00 AM- 18.00PM
    Office hours are imcluded.
    Students are 3-12 years old.
    EXperienced European teachers with good pronunciation preferred.
    Starting time :ASAP, It will last around 2 weeks
    Contact : Candy
    ID:252659| 2019/04/26/09点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    200-250per hour
    training center in Beijing,
    native or nonative
    At tiantongyuan subway station line 5.
    Have 2 hours class on Friday 3.30 to 5.30 (400Rmb-500Rmb)
    And Saturday 10.00 to 12.00
    Or may be more classes on evening time. But these two classes are confirm.
    Non native can also apply.
    If you are interested .reply me with ur introduction video. Thanks.
    PT |
    ID:252585| 2019/04/19/08点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    150-170per hour
    🖌🖌Beijing Training Center needs part-time foreign teachers,native or nonative requires pronunciation standards, teaching experience, students age 4-12 years old, 150-170 yuan per hour, according to the results of the interview decision, _Monday afternoon 2hours
    _Thursday afternoon. 2hours
    _Saturday whole day. 2hours
    in Xisanqi
    _Tuesday evening5:30-7:30。 _Sunday morning 10:00-12:00
    In Beiyuan
    PT |
    ID:252552| 2019/04/16/22点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    12,000 to 15,000
    native or nonative
    1. School Name Meimer Picture Book Reading Education
    2. Contact Mr. Zhao
    3. Telephone 1
    4. Address Shijingshan
    5. Student age 3-6
    6. Course schedule Wednesday to Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays all day
    7. Rest time Monday and Tuesday
    8. Wage Release Time No. 15
    9. Is it possible to apply for a work permit?
    10. Teachers'needs: mother tongue is preferred, men and women are not limited, and accents in other countries are preferred.
    11. Do you provide accommodation?
    12. Both part-time and full-time jobs are acceptable.
    13. Teachers'salaries range from 12,000 t...
    ID:252548| 2019/04/16/13点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    12-25KRMB /month
    Native or nonnative English FT and part time teachers needed (Diamond English school)
    Working location: : Beijing
    Shuangjin line 10.7.14
    Working time: 8H/Day, 5 working days/week
    Salary:12-25KRMB /month
    Native English teacher or non-native.
    If you are interested in it please add me and.send your cv & self-introduction video. Janie.
    ID:252547| 2019/04/16/13点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU

    North America female tutor hiring at line 1 GuoMao CBD

    We are looking for experienced and reliable female teachers to join our team. Who have your own teaching skills and you think it works please feel free talk with us.

    We offer our teachers many benefits to maintain an enjoyable work environment:

    - Weekly cash pay
    - Respect a good work-life balance
    - A lot of work available for those who want it
    - Our support staff are kind and helpful
    - We have an extensive library of international textbooks at our disposal
    - We even have toys for our youngest students!
    - Our office is always clean and ...
    PT | Chaoyang District Jobs | Goldentran Education
    ID:252537| 2019/04/15/17点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Language training center looking for full time english teachers,prefer english native speakers, non native experienced with good prononciation also consider.
    salary: 15k-25k
    working time:wednesday to sunday,25 teaching hours and office hours
    kids:3-12years old
    yuxin on line 8 and liangmaqiao on line 10 of beijing( Native Part Time English teacher Wanted )
    If you are interested, please send me your cv,self introduction video,teaching video,bacher degree copy and passport page copy,thanks.
    ID:252498| 2019/04/12/22点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Beijing Need Full time and part time English Teacher ASAP。1。line 1 wukesong(五棵松)station kindergarten Every Tuesday and Thursday 2:00pm~4:00(Philippine Teacher )2。line yizhuang jiugong(旧宫)station training center Weekly Monday, Wednesday and Friday2:30pm~4:00(Philippine Teacher )3。line 1 babaoshan(八宝山)station kindergarten 8:30~5:00(native)。line 6 shilipu(十里堡)station kindergarten 8:30~5:00(native) 。Requirements1.English pronunciation is very good. 2. Able to work long time CV and self introduction video to wechat
    ID:252486| 2019/04/11/19点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Part Time English Teacher Needed
    Company: Beijing Youth Palace(北京青年宫)

    Location: Beijing Zoo
    Company Intro:
    Beijing Youth Palace is a Not-for-Profit organization that provides quality extra curriculum education to K-12 students in Beijing. With joint efforts of Beijing Zoo, Beijing Youth Palace is organizing an activity that allows students to camp overnight in the zoo for the weekend.
    The English Teacher will teach students animal knowledge according to the designed curriculum. All logistics will be coordinated by volunteers in the zoo.
    Requirements & Qualifications...
    PT |
    ID:252482| 2019/04/11/15点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    300-350/ hour
    A Training Center near to Huo Ying,line13 , Bei JIng needs English Native Speakers in the evening

    Requirements : Part-time English teachers needed
    Class size:15-18 students in a group
    Students' age:10 years old
    Working hours:10 times per month 17:45-18:45 PM or 18:45-19:45PM, flexible, on weekdays or weekends

    Salary:300-350/ hour
    Location:Beijing , Huo ying station☀ line 13 or line 8

    So If you are interested and qualified. kindly send your CV and short video to us.
    PT |
    ID:252472| 2019/04/10/22点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    Training center part time job in line 4 Daxing line Beijing City.
    Location:5 minutes walk from Qing Yuan Lu metro station line 4
    Schedule:Monday to Friday in the evening time (Depend on the teacher’s time) and daytime on the weekend.
    Requirements:Good accent teacher with training center teaching experience
    ID:252460| 2019/04/09/22点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    150-180 per hour
    2 Weekday Morning English teachers needed now in an early Childhood Training Center near to MA LIAN WA STATION, line16 ,Beijing

    Working time is at 8AM-11AM.
    Any two weekday mornings, it depends on teacher’s available days.

     Kids are 2-5 years old;

    EXperienced European teachers who are outgoing, active in the class . long term contract required!

    Payment 150-180 per hour.  Starting time :ASAP.
    please send your CV, a photo to us
    ID:252452| 2019/04/09/14点
  • Beijing Jobs 北京 EDU
    💞 💞 💞 💞💞 💞 💞 💞 💞 💞
    City: Beijing

    Job title: English teacher

    Job type: Part- time

    Class Type: Individual class

    1. A 10 years old boy in Xiaoyunlu, Chaoyang District. He would love to learn General English, and also learn American literature. And he wants a female teacher.
    Class time: Monday evening
    Class duration: 2hrs
    2. A 7 years old boy in Taoranting, Xicheng District. He would love learn Skill-Sharpener Reading2. And he wants an active teacher.
    Class time: Saturday afternoon
    Class duration: 90mins
    3. A 1.3 years old who lives in K...
    PT |
    ID:252438| 2019/04/08/15点
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