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  • 2 native English speakers wanted in Shanghai:
    For a video shoot as part of a student graduation portfolio, We are seeking one mature looking female as the mother role and one child model for the child role. Both the mother and child roles will be portrayed as victims of domestic violence.
    Both roles will have speaking lines in English and selected models must be native English speakers. The mother role should be aged 28-45, while the child role can be a boy or girl and should be aged 7-15. Acting skills and experiences is preferred.
    Please contact via WeChat for more info , thank you.
    PT |
    ID:245065| 2018/10/20/13点
  • 300 and 400
    I need a part-time teacher in Beijing, address is line 7, huagong station. Classes start 1.5 hours after 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, and pay between 300 and 400, requiring white teachers with good accents and experience.
    PT |
    ID:245062| 2018/10/19/18点
  • $15~$20 per hour
    Job Summary
    The available positions we have are for tutors to teach customized online English classes to Chinese students of various ages, ranging from young learners to mature professionals. We provide the virtual classrooms & materials and arrange the scheduling. Generally, our classes run for 25 to 45 minutes, on evenings and weekends (China time). For the flexible schedule, it’s up to you how many hours you work and on what days. Under the fixed schedule, the booking rate is 100% guaranteed during your working hours.

    -High level of English proficiency
    -Ideally 1 year...
    PT | Chaoyang District Jobs | First Future
    ID:245001| 2018/10/19/16点
  • sigh salary
    In Beijing Part Time Esl Teaching Position for Native English Speakers Offered !

    School type : Training center
    Time schedule: Tuse.~Fri. 3:00p.m. ~7:30p.m. Sat.~Sun.9:00a.m~6:00p.m.
    Kid`s age:3~16 years old
    Class size:6 students or one on one
    Teaching content : Original edition phonics ,word and sentence .Spoken language oriented

    Caring responsible and experience native English teacher with TESOL or TEFL certificate prefered .

    BA degree and teaching experience preferred

    salary : Negotiable

    shangdi subway station ,line 13
    PT |
    ID:244979| 2018/10/19/09点
  • 150-180 per hour
    📣 URGENT ‼️ Guangzhou part-time kindergarten job

    - Location: Xiayuan line 13
    - Schedule: One morning per week from 9-11
    - Payment: 150-180 per hour

    If you're interested send me your CV,self-introduction and class video.
    ID:244981| 2018/10/19/08点

  • ASAP!!!
    Nantong, Jiangsu province.
    Looking for 10 female gogo.
    Start 19 October to 17 November.
    3-4 sets dance each night.
    Interact with guests once a night.
    Normal working time: 22:30-2:30.
    Payment terms every 10 days.
    Offer A midnight snack.
    Offer one way domestic ticket.
    Hotel Two girls one standard room.
    ID:244939| 2018/10/18/13点

  • In November. children clothing print ads. need European&American children model in china, body-height is 155cm-165cm, looks like cool & beautiful, as picture. better is in Shanghai/Zhejiang/Jiangsu . Quickly send email (mail-topic: children clothing ads+mail-content: boy name+weight+height+mobilephone number+wechat+now city+nationality of the parents+2018 year new videos & photos:introduce himself video + casting photos or over 5 whole body photos)SHPGY BROKER
    FT/PT Possible | need models
    ID:244934| 2018/10/18/12点
  • good salary
    🎥For a film shooting we need one experienced foreign actress
    👩Age 18-27
    🇨🇳 Fluent Chinese 🇨🇳
    We will start in November,it will take around 20 days

    We provide:
    🛫Round trip ticket
    (Transfer from any Chinese city)🛬
    🍱 Meal
    😍And good salary
    ID:244927| 2018/10/18/10点
  • 10K
    Looking for FEMALE models
    ”Evening Show” club (Futian area)
    👯long term job
    👠girls 175+ ☝🏻young face!
    🚶🏼Catwalk every day 1 show
    🕺prefer girls with dancing skills(if you can dance go go style let me know, we have 2 parts for 5 min usually)
    💃🏻working time 22:30-03:00, the rest of time need just to make an atmosphere, dancing etc
    🥂no need to drink with clients
    🏖3 paid days off per month
    💴Salary 10K>
    ✈️able to provide ticket
    👤totally safe place
    FT/PT Possible | Shenzhen Jobs | ”Evening Show” club
    ID:244925| 2018/10/18/10点
  • 19-21k
    Non native teachers needed in shanghai training center

    an experienced female teacher preferred ;
    working schedule
    one day off during the weekdays
    working time 2.30-8.30pm
    weekend 8.30-6pm
    20teaching hours +20 office hours per week
    salary 19-21k
    1week paid annual leave +5sick day leave
    paid for extra teaching hrs
    more benifits can be discussed during the interview
    start date: as soon as possible
    I also need a parttime teacher.
    If you are intrested in the job ,
    ID:244920| 2018/10/18/07点
  • 100-160/hour
    Looking for native part time English teachers to teach online at home
    Kids age: 5-12years old
    Payment: 60-80 RMB per 30 minutes (50 RMB for qualified non natives)

    Send self intro video to WeChat
    ID:244873| 2018/10/17/15点
  • High Salary
    Parttime Job,
         Looking for an English teacher for greade 1 students,in Sunday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30. Mother tongue will be better.
    If you are interested in the position. please contact us.
    Address: Xixiang, Baoan area.
    Thank you!
    ID:244857| 2018/10/17/13点
  • 13,000 RMB
    A training center in Xiajin County in Shandong province urgently needs a non-native English teacher with a work visa.
    Salary : 13,000 RMB
    Accommodation : Free private furnished apartment.
    Other details will be discussed in person. Please, feel free to contact me immediately. Thank you.
    ID:244855| 2018/10/17/12点
  • 150-200RMB
    BEIJING: We are looking for many part time foreign English teachers in BEIJING. The campus is at fucheng men station, on line 2. The hourly wage is from 150-200RMB depends on the experience and pronunciation. The classes are in the afternoons and evenings of the weekdays and on the weekends. There are one on one classes and group classes, group classes we pay 170-220RMB per hour. Any of you who are interested, please wechat me for more details. Thanks in advance for your attention. Please contact me
    PT |
    ID:244853| 2018/10/17/11点
  • high salary
    Guangzhou 🎻 Need a violin teacher for adult on one on one lesson house tutoring. Twice a week on weekdays after 7pm at QuZhuang Metro Station line5/ line6. He who has videos or pictures when teach is preferred.

    #GuangZhou At FengHuangXinCun station line8 Need a Acappella Band without instruments only singing like pentatonic. Time flexible.

    #Guangzhou Need a bowling and Karate teacher at Training Sports Center station line1 for adults. Schedule flexible.
    ID:244800| 2018/10/16/14点
  • high salary
    five positions in Shanghai
    DaChangZhen station line7 and south Shanghai railway station need a teacher for GRADE4 teenagers reading and writing
    /GongKangRd station line1 on weekend afternoon for American Reach book
    /need an English teacher at ChangZhongRd station line7 for 3 kids improving oral English and phonics reading
    day 3:30-5:30pm one on two 5 years old boys at BaiYinRd station line11 using "Way To Go Phonics" Book 2,3
    /Need an English teacher at PanLongRd station line17 for 3 four years old kids on oral English and phonics. He who has videos when teach kids is preferred.

    PT |
    ID:244799| 2018/10/16/14点
  • high salary
    ShenZhen Need an english teacher for a 3 years old American boy and twice a week. ShenZhen at TianBei station line3,10 on weekends. HongKong at FoTan station East Rail Line on weekdays mornings. He who has videos or pictures when teach is preferred.
    ID:244798| 2018/10/16/14点
  • 11k-15k per month+Housing
    Nanjing Part time or full time job offers
    We Need several part time or full time English teachers in Nanjing city
    Xinjiekou ,line 2
    Training school for children from 3 to 6 years old, small group class
    Materials and lesson plans are provided   
    Starting date: As soon as possible
    Job description:
    Full time :
    Work hours: 25h/week or 30h/week or 35h/week or 40h/week(includes teaching and office hours), work from Wednesday to Sunday
    Salary 11k-15k per month+Housing allowance 1500rmb/month+ Airfare allowance 6000rmb and Referral bonus 50-500/student
    Part time :
    5-10 class...
    ID:244793| 2018/10/16/12点
  • 11K
    School name: Beijing lovely garden house
    Class time: from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday
    Salary: 11000RMB /month
    School requirements: native or good accent
    ID:244778| 2018/10/16/11点
  • Xiangxue metro on line 6
    Urgent‼️One day part-time in Luogang distinct, GuangZhou city.
    Location: Xiangxue metro on line 6
    Saturday afternoon 1:30-3:30 --Pay 200/hour
    Age: 6-10 years old
    Requirement: Good accent English teacher with at least one year of teaching experience and teaching certificate
    How to apply: send CV and introduction video to wechat ID
    ID:244741| 2018/10/16/00点
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