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  • high
    We are looking IT engineer for part time jobs.
    Country: China
    City: Beijing
    Time: 4th March 10:30am
    If you have any basic knowledge on IT networking or desktop support skills you can work with us please share your CV to email
    PT |
    ID:251991| 2019/03/16/14点
  • negotiable
    This is a part time job for one female Nigerian!
    location: recording studio based in nanshan district, shenzhen
    you may need 1 to 2 hours to complete it!
    age: around 30 y.o.
    PT | Shenzhen Jobs | Sofia Du
    ID:251219| 2019/02/25/19点

  • Need female Singer

    QIYI Agency Looking for one female lead singer(Hungarian preferred)have visa can cooperate with band, 3 months contract providing food, accommodation and transportation.
    *Location: Tangshan, Hebei province(河北省唐山市)
    *Time: ASAP, from Dec.31st to Mar.31st

    We offer commission if you recommend, pm me for detail

    ID:249076| 2019/01/04/09点
  • 1300-2500RMB/day
    English Course Video Shooting Jobs

    Teaching Location:
    Yongqing Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

    Recording English course as English teaching materials,
    read sentences and make simple actions or do some facial expression

    Working Date:
    weekends on January

    Salary:1300-2500 RMB/DAY

    Working Time:

    Salary: 1300-2500 RMB/day
    (​different grades different working time different salary)

    1. Native English speakers
    2. Also consider native English speaker model
    3. BA or above degree
    4. At least 1 y...
    ID:248944| 2019/01/02/14点
  • 800-1000
    Dear all,
    If you are good at singing, dancing or some musical instrument, you are warmly welcome to join our new year party.(European face preferred)
    Time: 12:00-16:00 December 30th
    Location: Yuyao, Ningbo
    Payment: 800-1000RMB
    ID:248452| 2018/12/24/18点

  • Shanghai Phone TVC shooting:Jan. 4th ;
    1)Young black boy(about 20 years old,young fashion without beard)
    2)White girl(about 20 years old,looks like university student,model type) 。
    3)White boy with muscles(young&handsome ,no beard.
    4)Southeast Asian face or mix blooded boy(more like Asian face,young handsome without beard.Wechat me your mocha and self introduction video if interested.
    PT |
    ID:248422| 2018/12/24/09点

  • Notice:
    Good evening, Shooting need three boys and three girls
    Time:Two days work between 4th to 9th Jan
    Location: Hangzhou , models can from Hangzhou Shanghai and Ningbo.
    if you are interested send me your photos and videos. Thanks!
    ID:248421| 2018/12/24/03点

  • Shanghai bathrobe pictures shooting (a mini video included).
    Shooting time: not decided, but in early January
    We are looking for 1 male and 1 female, please follow our reference, we will chose few people come to casting.
    If you are interested and come from Shanghai, please send me your mondel card to wechat
    PT |
    ID:248413| 2018/12/23/08点
  • negotiable
    Beijing1⃣️: 12.23-24 shooting 1-2 days, need about 18-20 years old Philippines or Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, foreign boys, like university students。

    Beijing2⃣️: 12.27 shooting plane, need black foreign fashion female model, hair mocha and introductory video。

    Beijing3⃣️: 1.6 Jick Junyi's MV shooting needs a white foreign female model, hairstyle card and video.
    PT |
    ID:248352| 2018/12/22/09点
  • High Salary
    Need 4 male model work in hangzhou on 22th.start from shanghai 5:00in the from 10:00am to 8:00pm,parade in the shopping mall.if u free,let me know.
    ID:248322| 2018/12/21/22点
  • High Salary
    [Vicki Media] job: video shooting, location: Shenzhen, date: next week, talent request: need mix blood girl. Age 12-16 (age above 15 can be Chinese actor) Please send me your card and self intro video. Thx
    ID:248320| 2018/12/21/22点
  • Negotiate
    MV Shooting of a Well-known Artist in Shanghai
    Shooting time: January 18-20
    21 young men and women aged 18-25 yo ,
    Not limited in appearance, unique enough, heterogeneous enough
    There can be tattoos (exaggerated), plus girls, long-haired men, bald girls, birthmarks on the face, freckles, multi-ear holes, nose rings, eye nails, Gothic, punk, buttock women, models, actors, everyone can, nationality is unlimited...
    Unique enough, courageous enough, fast enough to chat about my photo materials
    Send information to me :) thx ,no matter actor or model or student or worker , no matter white or ...
    PT |
    ID:248323| 2018/12/21/15点
  • 1500-25000USD
    Mainly to sell the electric bikes in USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA. The specific commission scheme is as
    1. BTN will pay 250USD/month gas cost at the first 3 months.
    2. Commission list.
    1-99 units/month: 30 USD/unit.
    100-299 units/month: 40USD/unit.
    300-499 units/month: 50USD/unit.
    ID:247650| 2018/12/10/12点

  • Beijing: The Beijing Tour No. 1.16 requires four foreign bands. It starts at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. with three parts for 20 minutes at a time. The band will provide song lists, photos and performance videos.
    PT |
    ID:248174| 2018/12/19/11点

  • Qingdao, January 2019, video shooting, need to introduce skin care products in English, indoor shooting, 2 hours of working time, model requirements: white, 30-60 years old, male or female, if you have time please send your business card and video.
    ID:247957| 2018/12/15/19点
  • 1000RMB/3 hour
    Beijing circular
    The following actors are required for the production of the promo around December 15
    1⃣美国🇺🇸 American girl, 20 to 30 years old. Like an American
    2⃣法国🇫🇷 French boy, 20 to 30 years old. Just look French
    3⃣ Indian boy, 20 to 30 years old. Or an Indian
    4⃣ Indian boy, about 40 years old. Or an Indian
    5⃣🇯🇵 Japanese girl, age 20 to 30 years old, 3 people
    The above actors shoot for about 3 hours,
    Pay 1000 yuan
    Please send me the information if it is suitable
    PT |
    ID:247770| 2018/12/12/14点
  • 500RMB/day
    Part-Time Job for Weekends in Trampoline Park
    Part-time job for weekends. 500RMB/day
    Air Factory (空气工厂蹦床馆) trampoline recruitment foreigner (european looks is preferred) trampoline safety instructors and trampoline coaches
    Skills: Sport, Love to play with children
    Language: HSK4 no need certificate; Can speak and understand Chinese is enough
    Vacancy: 6 foreign coaches (trampoline is preferred) or safety instructors for weekends.
    500 per day (1 day 10 hours).
    !Age from 20 to 30
    !Male only
    !Work experience does not matter
    Compensation & Benefits:
    The company provides s...
    PT |
    ID:247538| 2018/12/07/08点

  • Beijing: No. 12.4 needs Philippine men in their 30s (🇵🇭foreign customers)
    Customer Assistant Male or Female 20 Years Old (🇵🇭Philippine Customer Assistant)
    Indian clients, male or female, 25 years old (🇮🇳1275
    LUCK male 30 years old (Philippine male colleague)
    PT |
    ID:247297| 2018/12/01/13点
  • 100RMB/month
    We are currently seeking 10 native French speakers to do transcription job onsite in Beijing office. Native French Speakers are ok !No nationality limitation. Payment: 100RMB per hour. At least 15-20 hours per week & 3 weeks in total is a must!Anyone interested please contact me.
    PT |
    ID:247266| 2018/11/30/21点
  • High salary
    shenzhen model job📷📷📷Mobile brand advertising shooting,💐💐💐Indian models need
    We're looking for Indian model actors or Indian looking models, five.
    1.age,15~30years old
    2.male and female, students and business man,
    3.Graphic photo shoot, shenzhen,end of December.
    If anyone is interested, please send me your model card +pics to me[玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]
    thank u ,E-mail is better
    ID:247261| 2018/11/30/21点
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