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  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Seeking experienced Kindy teacher for small school in Yongsan-Gu!
    Job Description
    Join a quickly growing kindy in Yongsan-Gu, Seoul. We are looking for an experienced instructor to join our team of qualified instructors.
    1. Location: Yongsan-Gu, Seoul (near Seoul Station)
    2. Start date: ASAP-October (flexible based on teacher availability)
    3. Hours: 8:40 am – 5:40 pm M-F. Occasional Saturday work is offered (with overtime payment)
    4. Vacation: 11 days a year (with a possibility of extras)
    5. Payment: Starting at 2.5 a month, and negotiable based on experience (plus standard ben...
    ID:278592| 2023/10/30/12点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Sweet and chill Teaching position in Yangpyeong, Korea
    Job Type
    Student Type
    Pre-K & Kindergarten
    Industry : Education > Private school
    Job Start Time : Afternoon
    Job Description
    LEE 어학원(리 어학원)
    Viva La Tina

    Smitten with the thought of teaching more than just the alphabet? Interested in delivering education that leads to global perspectives? We are a private English Language School located in Yangpyeong just a hop, skip, and a jump from Seoul. The area is beautiful with vast unpolluted blue skies, moun...
    ID:278591| 2023/10/30/12点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    20,000~25,000 hourly
    Teach Online at home!
    Job Description
    Teach Online at home!
    Talk Station (TS Edu) is looking for a part-time or full-time teacher, who really has a passion to teach all age, online (home-based) and all adults. If you are willing to learn, think you are a fast learner, and are looking for a job that can be rewarding in learning more about teaching and education, then please feel free to e-mail us your resume! All the teaching will be done online and it would be 100% home-based. Hopefully your experience working here will not only be beneficial for us but rewarding for yourself to help you gr...
    ID:278590| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Young Hoon International Middle School 2023 October Opening
    Job Description
    Young Hoon International Middle School
    2023 October Opening
    1. Introduction
    Young Hoon International Middle School(YHIMS) is a specialized private middle school belonging to the Seongbuk Gangbuk Office of Education, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, servicing students from grade 7 to grade 9. YHIMS is an international specialized middle school that conducts English immersion education under a National Education Curriculum. It was designated in 2009 and requires bilingual education in five or more subjects, w...
    ID:278589| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    5 million won (base salary) + Performance based (retention rate) bonus
    Offering 5 mil to 7.2 mil for full time
    Job Description
    IEM is an English academy with a curriculum designed for advanced English students in Seocho.
    We are looking to train, support, and invest in native English speakers that are committed to building a successful career as English teachers in Korea. The Academy is operated by directors with years of teaching experience who understand the challenges of being an English teacher in Korea. We believe that building a great academy for our students can only be achieved through providing the best working environment for our teachers first.
    ID:278588| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    2.7 - 3.0 million KRW monthly (negotiable)
    ESL teaching jobs at SMKA Korea in Seoul
    Job Description
    ■ Roles
    - Kindergarten students English teacher
    ■ Working Conditions
    - Working Hours: M-F 9:30-5:30(includes 1hour break)
    - Teaching Hours: 30 per week
    ■ Responsibilities
    - Conduct classes as scheduled
    - Prepare materials for classes
    - Student assessment and reporting
    - Communicate and cooperate with classroom teacher, co-teacher, and administration
    ■ Preference
    experience in english kinder academy, international school kinder and prep academy for english
    ■ We wants people who are passionate about teaching and love wo...
    ID:278587| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    3.4 million KRW ~ 5.1 million KRW
    Looking for Teachers for 2024 in Gangnam, Seoul or Bundang, Seongnam
    Job Description
    About Us
    EDISEN Academy is seeking passionate teachers who believe they can bring out the best in elementary school children. Our institution was established in 2013 and currently has over 30 staff members and 800 attending students in two campuses, Daechi (Hanti station) and Bundang (Sunae station).
    EDISEN admits students through a strict admissions process that ensures that our learners are ready to engage with advanced material. Their English proficiency is overall some of the highest in the country for...
    ID:278586| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    About 3.4 MIL KRW per month
    Non-teaching* English Speaking Test Evaluator (Full-Time)
    [FT Non-teaching] English Speaking Test Evaluator for Biz Professionals
    [Job Description Overview]
    We are currently looking for qualified individuals to join our growing team of oral proficiency evaluators. New hires will conduct speaking evaluation tests for various business professionals working in large multinational corporations. Extensive domestic travel is involved with this position as it is a person-to-person speaking test. This is a stable and dynamic position which allows for professional development and extensive experienc...
    ID:278585| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    60,000KRW per hour
    PT Chungbuk Cheongju - 60,000KRW per hour
    [PT] Biz English Instructor
    B. [PT] ChungCheongbuk-Do Cheongju Bongmyeong-dong (충북 청주 봉명동)
    Starting from 60,000KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualification)
    Start Date: October 23rd, 2023
    Class Schedule: Four days a week 5:30PM ~ 7PM
    Monday ~ Thursday 5:30PM ~ 7PM
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 5:30PM ~ 7PM
    Training: Three to five days at Apgujeong Center, Seoul and/or online (from October 16th)
    [Job Description]
    Type of Class: Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
    Students: Business Professionals
    Levels: All l...
    PT |
    ID:278584| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Monthly 2.8 Mil
    After school FT Teacher at a public elementary school in Incheon
    Job Description
    After school FT Teacher at a public elementary school in Incheon - Shi Area
    # Conditions:
    - Starting Date: Asap
    - Contract period : until February 16th 2024
    - Working area: 3 differsnt schools in In - cheon /
    - Working days: Monday to Friday
    - Working hours: Monday, Wednesday ( 1:50~5:05 )
    Tuesday, Thursday ( 1:50~5:25 )
    Friday ( 1:00~3:30 )
    # weekly about 15hours( 1 hour is 60 minutes) ...
    ID:278583| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    36,000,000KRW per year (Negotiable upon Experience)
    International School - Accepting 2024 Applications for Art Teacher
    Job Description
    MCA pursuing the wonders of discovery and pleasure of learning is expanding its curriculum to K-12 from Year 2020 and invites qualified teachers.
    Position Opening
    Elementary & Secondary Art Teacher (Full time & Part time)
    Bachelor Degree or Higher Qualification in Related Subject
    3 Years or More of Teaching Experience Required
    Apostilled Diploma, Apostilled FBI Background Check
    Education Degree & Teaching Certificate Preferred
    Roles and Responsibilities
    ID:278582| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Starting from 2.79 mil KRW
    FT and PT Advance Math Teacher
    [FT] Advanced Math Instructor
    Must be able to teach different levels of math including SAT Math 2 and AP Calculus
    Bilingual in Korean and English preferred
    [Location/Working Conditions]
    Seoul, Apgujeong (Subway Line. no. 3)
    Must be flexible with working schedule including Saturday
    Regular and Private Tutoring
    Monday~Friday: 5:30PM ~ 9:30PM
    Saturday: 9AM ~ 4PM
    Private tutoring classes can be assigned outside of regular classes
    Summer/Winter breaks
    Monday ~ Friday: Mornings ~ Afternoons
    Further details o...
    ID:278581| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Talented Native Teachers Wanted
    Job Description
    P & E English, established in 2006, is located in Chungdam-dong (Near Chungdam Subway Station Line 7). With only a maximum of six students in class, it is easier for instructors to manage their classes and allows each pupil to have more interaction with their teachers. We are looking for a professional, passionate, and warm-hearted Gyopo teacher who is skillful with elementary and middle school students.
    Available Positions and Descriptions:
    - We are currently willing to consider full-time applicants
    Normal work hours are Mon. ...
    ID:278580| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Seoul,Seongnam,Bundang,Yongin,Special class Opportunity position.
    Job Description
    We currentry looking for Part,Half,Full time/Short-term/Special date teachers
    # Job Opportunity
    location: Seoul,Suseo,Seungnam,Incheon,Suwon area.
    date: Full time: 9-5pm/10-4pm/1-6pm /2.3-2.7million.
    Part time: Mon-Friday(10-12pm) / 1-4pm.
    pay: per 40,000-50,000 won / experence teaching teachers.
    **Special class
    1. location:1)location 위례 area10-12
    2)Bokjeong st area (everymonth lastweek Monday)
    ID:278579| 2023/10/30/11点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Starting from 3.0 million won and negotiable depending experience
    Daechi, Seoul / Hiring Experienced English Teachers currently residing in Korea
    Job Description
    Ensight Academy gears towards prestigious gifted education. We provide fast-paced, and high level learning.
    We value teaching structured writing as early as starting from age 7 through grade 6.
    We provide a balanced program of academics as well as fun speaking classes involving novel and current issues.
    Location: Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul (Samsungro 338, 1st FL)
    Starting Date: December 2023
    Age Group: 7 years old (afterschool program) to Grade 6
    Group level: Gifted
    Salary: 3.0 million won to...
    ID:278578| 2023/10/30/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    2.7 million won with housing. 3.4 million won without housing.
    Looking for an awesome kindy teacher for an awesome school!
    Job Description
    We have embarked on the journey of creating Twinkle Little Star with a dream to bring the enchanting magic of Twinkle education to a young audience. As the first exclusive Kindergarten campus under the Twinkle Umbrella, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and inspiring environment for your child. Being a founding member of Twinkle, we have witnessed firsthand the dedication and effort it took to make Twinkle great. Rest assured, we will continue to bring that same magic to your child, helping them shine and rea...
    ID:278577| 2023/10/30/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Native English proofreader or editor
    Job Description
    Dear colleagues,
    My name is Joshua Shim, and I am the CEO of EssayConsultants in Seoul, Korea. EssayConsultants is specialized in translating and editing application essays and other academic documents for Koreans who aspires to enter American and Canadian schools.
    However this time, I am looking for an experienced editor who can edit or proofread technical manuals, business documents, and other kinds of documents for Intersphere LLC., a translation agency, specialized in Korean - English translation. I have known Intersphere for more th...
    ID:278576| 2023/10/30/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    350,000₩ allowance
    Looking For Native Teachers in DAEGU / DECEMBER 2023 & JANUARY 2024
    Job Description
    Looking for native teachers
    (plus housing or 350,000₩ allowance)
    ● Location: Near downtown in Daegu
    ● Starting Date : December in 2023 / January in 2024
    ● Visa : E2 eligible or F-Visa
    ● Working Hours : Mon-Fri 9:20am- 5:45pm
    ● Salary Range : 2.6-3.5 MIL
    (plus housing or 350,000₩ allowance)
    Does the school pay for housing or allowance?: Yes or 350,000₩ allowance
    Is there vacation?: 12 days vacation
    Does the school have severance pa...
    ID:278575| 2023/10/30/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    60,000-80,000 per class (45 minutes)
    Job Description
    Newton Talented Youth Academy is a newly opened International Educational Institute with a campus in Gangnam, specifically the Nonhyeon-dong area. The Founder of Newton is an educational counselor who has helped students prepare for Ivy League and other high level universities. We anticipate that this will quickly become a leading educational institute in Korea.
    We opened our campus 8 weeks ago and already need additional teachers for some subjects starting next semester, around January 15, 2024.
    We are seeking qualified candidates f...
    PT |
    ID:278574| 2023/10/30/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Job Description
    Newton Talented Youth Academy is a newly opened International Educational Institute with a campus in Gangnam, specifically the Nonhyeon-dong area. The Founder of Newton is an educational counselor who has helped students prepare for Ivy League and other high level universities. We anticipate that this will quickly become a leading educational institute in Korea.
    We opened our campus 8 weeks ago and already need additional teachers for some subjects starting next semester, around January 15, 2024
    We are seeking qualified candidates for GRADE 9-...
    ID:278573| 2023/10/30/10点
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