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  • We are urgently looking for 1 Korean teacher for a public college in Xinyang city, Henan province, China.

    It is a one year contract starts ASAP/ Jan./ Feb. 2015.
    Workload: 18classes/week;
    Monthly salary: 5300RMB;
    You will get 2200rmb as travel allowances for one year contract.
    Provide round trip international airticket subsidy no more than 3,000RMB.
    Free furnished apartment provided with two bedrooms and one living room.
    Free usage to water and electricity (except summer/winter hsoliday).
    Provide insurance;

    Xinxiang Jobs | hattieesljob in XinXiang,Henan
    ID:215596| 2014/11/21/14点

  • We are looking for English teachers for a public college in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province,

    Monthly salary: 7000RMB/16 teaching hours per week.
    Roundtrip international flight tickets (economy class)
    You will get 2200rmb as travel allowances.
    Free apartment and computer provided
    Free using of water and electricity and net and room telephone
    Working Visa, Residence permits, Foreign expert permit provided

    22-60 years old;
    Native English speakers from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand or Ireland
    4-year university/college degree or higher
    2-year experi...
    Yangzhou Jobs | jiamei in Yangzhou,Jiangsu
    ID:215595| 2014/11/21/14点

  • Main responsibilities:
    * 18 hours of class per week
    * Office time (up to 8hrs)
    * Design and class preparation
    * Document for and follow up of lessons
    * Classroom management and maintenance
    * Further training

    * University Diploma - Bachelors Degree or higher.
    * Possess a TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or the like.
    Hengyang Jobs | Canada Frontier Foreign Language School
    ID:215594| 2014/11/21/14点

  • If you have ESL teaching experience + native accent + can teach in the evenings or on the weekends or anytime when you are available, we will be your best choice!
    We offer one-to-one tutoring jobs for qualified teachers! The teaching hours and places are very flexible! We can arrange students near you.
    The students average age range is from 4 to 45 years old, so you can choose students in any age that you want to teach.
    . You can work at a comfortable environment, will have a satisfactory salary, and choose the time you can teach. Besides we will choose the appropriate students for you to m...
    a training center in Beijing
    ID:215610| 2014/11/21/10点

  • We believe the student-teacher relationship is the key to language progress. By helping our teachers every step of the way, we can offer a more flexible schedule, better pay, and a happier working environment. We know English tutors are in demand, that’s why we think you deserve more than what is demanded.

    We are looking for teachers who are:
    Native English speakers
    Experienced (6+ months of teaching)
    Educated (Relevant degree = More pay)

    We pay 150/hour.
    You can get your payment every Friday!
    Bronson English School in Beijing
    ID:215609| 2014/11/21/10点

  • We are looking for Oral English teachers & IELTS teachers for a private high school in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China.

    It is a one school year contract starts ASAP & March 2015.
    Workload: 15-20 classes/week + office hours;
    Monthly salary: 12000RMB;
    You will get international roundtrip flight tickets reimbursed (economy class).
    Provide free on-campus apartment;
    Provide medical insurance.
    Working Visa, Residence permits, Foreign Expert permit provided;

    Must have the experience of teaching IELTS/ TOEFL;
    Wuxi Jobs | hattieesljob in Wuxi,Jiangsu
    ID:215593| 2014/11/21/10点

  • Position Description:
    1.Be responsible for developing potential clients through internet.
    2.Be responsible for English translation and proposal drafting.
    3 Information searching and collecting on internet.

    Position Requirements:
    1.Bechelor degree or above
    2. Major in English or relevant disciplines, passed TEM8 and CET 6
    3.Good at internet and communication skill.
    4.Great work responsibility and team work.
    5.Willing to work under pressure.
    6.Experience in translation, foreign trade, marketing promotion, law or customer service is advantageous

    We offer competitive compensation co...
    Guangzhou Jobs | GUANGZHOU BASE IPR CO., LTD
    ID:215592| 2014/11/21/10点

  • Job Responsibilities & Requirements
    1year or above related working experience, Excellnt English, level4 or above; have a sense of responsibility, careful, good communication with people
    Guangzhou Jobs | PTG Company in Guangzhou
    ID:215591| 2014/11/21/10点

  • Our Offers:
    (1)Flexibility of teaching different levels including kindergarten/ primary school/ middle and high school in Shenzhen;
    (2) Normal work Monday to Friday, morning to afternoon.(Teacher:30hours /week) ;
    (3)Contract for 1 year, the contract can be renewed;

    Foundation requirements from the company:
    (1)Age 25-50
    (2)Bachelor degree or above,got TESOL/TEFL certificate;
    (3)At least 2 years’ teaching experiences;
    (4)Nationality from USA,Canada,UK,Australia,New Zealand or Ireland.
    (5) being puncture,responsible,well prepared before teaching, positive work attitude;
    ID:215590| 2014/11/20/20点

  • - Native English speaking business English trainers
    - A bachelor’s degree above, preferably in a business related area
    -C orporate training experience or a strong business background
    - Training or teaching experience, preferably in China
    - A professional teaching qualification ( CELTA, TEFL, TESOL)
    East City Dongcheng District Jobs | 北京智博易云教育
    ID:215581| 2014/11/20/19点

  • English Teacher
    an native English speaker who loves teaching kids.
    Healthy optimistic active
    teaching English drama class
    language education drams or realated
    with teaching experience is preferred
    Shijiazhuang Jobs | 石家庄埃森英语培训学校
    ID:215589| 2014/11/20/17点

  • •Demonstration of a neutral accent, clear pronunciation, good intonation and English language rhythm
    • A passion for educating young learners and a keen interest in their development
    •Ability to command the attention of large groups of children in an engaging and compelling manner
    •Ability to relocate to China for a 12 -month contract
    •Trial period of three months
    Beijing Prince island Kinndergarten
    ID:215584| 2014/11/20/17点

  • •Demonstration of a neutral accent, clear pronunciation, good intonation and English language rhythm
    • A passion for educating young learners and a keen interest in their development
    •Ability to command the attention of large groups of children in an engaging and compelling manner
    •Ability to relocate to China for a 12 -month contract
    •Trial period of three months
    Beijing Prince island Kinndergarten
    ID:215583| 2014/11/20/17点

  • Job Description:
    1. Deliver oral English course from 3 to 12-year-old students
    2. Design courses based on school and students’ needs

    We are looking for foreign teachers who bear such qualifications as below:
    ★Able to honor laws and decrees of the People’s Republic of China; cooperate with the teaching arrangements.
    ★Be able to teach Spoken English for kids age from 3-12.
    ★Education Background--TESOL/TEFL, College, Bachelor, Master
    ★Language—Good command in English
    ★Age limit—23-50
    ★Full time
    ★a years’ minimum teaching experience

    What we can offer:
    Shenzhen Jobs | Giraffe English Training Center in Shenzhen
    ID:215588| 2014/11/20/16点

  • - Current Resume, indicating your Nationality
    - Copy of the ID page of your valid passport
    - Copy of your highest degree and other qualifications
    - Current Photo
    - References with contact information

    Job description:
    -School type: Government school
    -Location: South city and North city
    -Workload: No more than 15 teaching hours per week
    -Class size: Around 40 students
    -Ages of students: Primary School (age 8 to 11), Middle School (age 12 to 14), High School (age 15 to 17). You can choose one level to teach
    -Working hours: From Monday to Friday. You will have weekend off, no offic...
    Yangjiang Jobs | Beijing China New
    ID:215576| 2014/11/20/16点

  • Teaching English for kndergartenor primary school students. We provide text book and some teaching resources. The working time is at weekend for 2 or 4 hours.Please send me your resume if you want to apply this job!
    Dongguan Jobs | Smart English Education
    ID:215575| 2014/11/20/15点

  • Class Subject :
    English lession,including all of the skills
    Treatment Conditions :
    1) 15,000 RMB salary per month before tax.
    2) Provide a furnished one-bedroom apartment with all of the amenities and internet access. We deal with the landlord so you only need to pay utilities, telephone and internet fees. And we will make sure that the apartment is nearby your assigned school.
    3) 10,000 RMB airfare allowance paid in two installments over the course of one academic year. In case you are already in China, we will provide you the whole amount in two separate installments.
    4) Medical Insu...
    Beijing University of Chemical Technology
    ID:215574| 2014/11/20/15点

  • Treatment Conditions :

    • Hold a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree, or a teacher’s certificate valid at the time of application.

    • Hold qualifications in TESOL/TEFL.

    Applicants are required to be devoted, responsible, active, and patient with good team spirits.

    Canadians and Americans are preferred.
    Particular request(include nationality,language etc.):
    Job Description
    • Teach International Program Department students the assigned courses: ESL; spoken English; Maths (Canadian curriculum); Novel reading in middle and high school. The applicants teaching credenti...
    Shenzhen Jobs | Fujing Foreign Language School
    ID:215573| 2014/11/20/15点

  • Treatment Conditions :
    1 Monday to Friday (no nights)
    2 Salary is negotiable based on previous experience, education, and credentials.
    3 Insurance: Domestic Medical Insurance provided
    4 Airfare: 8,000RMB yearly airfare allowance end of the contract
    5 Off campus accommodation allowance provided the amount of 1800RMB
    6 Work permit, foreign expert certificate, and Z-visa sponsored and paid for
    7 18 hours of teaching and 5 hours of administration per week.
    Particular request(include nationality,language etc.):
    1 Native English Speaking from USA, UK, AUS, Canada and New Zealand
    2 Demon...
    Fuzhou Jobs | IEN International University in Fuzhou
    ID:215572| 2014/11/20/12点

  • Class Subject :
    Position description:
    Looking for experienced American high school teachers who can teach high-school courses including:
    English/ESL/Human Geography - AP training experience preferred
    Treatment Conditions :
    Employee benefits:
    We provide teachers the following benefits in addition to contract salary:
    1. Legal working visa
    2. One-round trip ticket per year
    3. Housing subsidies
    4. Health care and insurance
    5. Meals subsidies
    6. Teachers trip
    Particular request(include nationality,language etc.):
    1. Language: English native-speakers
    2. Have a good ...
    East City Dongcheng District Jobs | Beijing No. 2 Middle School International Division
    ID:215571| 2014/11/20/12点