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  • Shan3xi Jobs > EDU
    We are looking for foreign English teachers for a public College in Xianyang city, Shaanxi Province.
    Location: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/shaanxi/xianyang/

    It is a one-year contract starts in March 2015.
    Workload: 16classes/ week;
    Monthly salary: 5000-5200RMB;
    Paid summer holiday;
    Free furnished apartment provided.
    Provide 5000RMB as airfare reimbursement.
    Free access to water and electricity and gas and internet etc.
    Working Visa, Residence permits, Foreign expert permit provided;

    1) Age: 22-60;
    2) Native English speakers from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and ...
    Xianyang Jobs | HZJM
    ID:215002| 2014/10/24/16点
  • Anhui Jobs > EDU
    We are looking for 2 foreign English teachers for a public university in Chuzhou city, Anhui province, China.
    Location: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/anhui/chuzhou

    It is a one school year contract, starts in March 2015.
    Workload: 16 classes/ week;
    Monthly Salary: 5000-6500RMB (paid summer vacation);
    Free on-campus apartment provided with 2bedrooms and 1 livingroom, about 60m2;
    Airfare: round trip international air tickets reimbursement no more than 10000RMB;
    Travel allowance: 3000 RMB for 1 year contract;
    Free access to water and gas and internet; A limit usage of electricity ...
    Chuzhou Jobs | HZJM
    ID:215001| 2014/10/24/15点
  • Henan Jobs > EDU

    Zhengzhou No.7 high school is seeking for a SAT/AP phyics teacher who can start from OCT 2014, contract length is Oct,2014-July 2015

    Type: High school
    Location: Zhengzhou Province, China
    Student Ages: High school 15-18 years old

    1¡¢Native English Speakers from US only
    2¡¢Bachelor s Degree in Physics , at least 2 years of working experience.
    3¡¢TEFL & TESOL or equivalent certificates holder preferred.
    4¡¢Good Physical Health Condition.
    5¡¢Can provide a Non-Criminal Record Certificate from their local police station.
    6. 24-60years old

    Main Benefits:
    Zhengzhou Jobs | Zhengzhou No.7 high school
    ID:215013| 2014/10/24/14点
  • 6000RMB
    We are looking for Oral English teachers to join in a public college in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China.

    Contract Duration: one academic year, starting in March 2015;
    Teaching Language: Spoken English;
    Courses to Teach: Oral English, Reading, Writing, and Conversation
    Workload: 16classes;
    Salary: 6000 RMB/month;
    Overtime Work Allowance: 80 RMB/hour;
    Airfare Allowance: One-way airfare for one year contract about 5000RMB;
    Travel Allowance: 2,200 RMB for one year contract;
    Apartment for single person provided, newly-decorated, wit...
    Ningbo Jobs | HZJM
    ID:214999| 2014/10/24/13点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    We are looking for 1 English teacher (female teacher preferred) for a public college in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China.

    It is a one year contract start in March 2015.
    Workload: 16 classes per week.;
    Monthly salary: 6500RMB;
    You will get international roundtrip flight tickets reimbursed (economy class);
    You will get 2200RMB as travel allowances for one year contract;
    Free apartment provided(1 bedroom and 1 living room);
    Free access to water and electricity.

    Female teacher preferred with an age about 35-...
    ID:214998| 2014/10/24/13点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU

    Job description:
    Japanese teaching
    Work 5 days a week

    1. 6000-10000RMB per month
    2. Free accommodation
    3. Arrive to school asap
    4. Airport pick-up and seeing-off
    5. This is a contract job
    6. Free chance to study Chinese

    How to apply:
    If you are interested to this job or other jobs in China, please contact me, I will try my best to help you.
    Documents needed:
    1. Resume with mobile number and email address
    2. Passport
    3. Photo
    4. Degree
    5. TEFOL or TEFL certificate
    Changzhou Jobs | a training school in Changzhou,Jiangsu
    ID:215012| 2014/10/24/13点

  • Prefer graduated from certain universities like:
    Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Pennsylvania, California Technology, Massuchusetts Technology, Duke, Dartmouth, Chicago, Northwestern, JohnsHopkins, Washington, Brown, Cornell, Rice, Vanderbilt, NotreDame, Emory, Georgetown, CarnegieMellon, California, SouthernCalifornia, Virginia, WakeForest, Tufts, Michagin-Annarbor, NorthCarolina, Boston, William & Mary, NewYork, Brandels, Georgia Technology, Lehigh, Rochester, CaseWesternReserve, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Texas, Wisconsin, Miami, Yeshiva, Tulane, etc.
    About 20 classesweek.
    40 ...
    Shenzhen Jobs | Shenzhen primary, middle school
    ID:215006| 2014/10/24/12点
  • ¥2500~¥3499
    Position Description

    1.Undertake the development of foreign customers and agents,develop and maintain good client relationship.

    2.Deal with orders,make and process foreign trade document.

    3.Deal with after-service,handle the receiption the clients.


    1.College graduate education, 4 or more English than.Good command of oral and written English.

    To deal with rapidly correct in English letters and telephone inquiries.

    2.At least 2 year working experience as overseas sales is a must.Good skills to work on all kinds of B2B web.

    Familiar with the flow of for...
    Guangzhou Jobs | Guangzhou O.U Health Electronic Techonogy Co., Ltd
    ID:215028| 2014/10/24/11点

  • Employer:
    Working Place: Shantou

    Job Description:
    1. Responsible for recruting area distributors of our products all over China.

    2. Cooperate with our regional managers to run markets from different cities to visit our clients and develop new clients.

    3. Make presentation or speech about our products on seminars.

    4. Make some programs about sales strategy to promote our products.

    Qualifications & Requirements:
    1. It will be priority with relevant working experience.(People who is full of confidents and courage also could make challenge for th...
    ID:215011| 2014/10/24/11点

  • Responsibilities:

    1)To handle customer enquiries and orders daily;
    2)Negotiations with customers, establish the contract project;
    3)Responsible for the development of new and old customers with maintenance, timely feedback to customers and market information;
    4)Reception customers to visit and late tracking.

    Work Hours:
    8 hours for five days

    1)age between 23-35, college degree or above, familiar with ERP system operation;
    2)Be familiar with the process of international trade,and know Russian Spanish, English and other languages;
    3)Strong analysis judgment a...
    Shenzhen Jobs | XDK group
    ID:215010| 2014/10/24/11点

  • we have 4 kinds of position right now .
    1. teaching kids; 8500rmb --start to teach asap, 2014
    2. teaching teenages: 11000rmb --start to teach asap, 2014
    3. teaching both adults and teeanagers ; 10000-15000rmb as soon as possible
    4. teaching in public college:5000-8000rmb(with paid winter and summer holiday), as soon as possible
    we need native English teachers

    Position Requirements:
    -Native English Speaker
    -BA degree or above preferred
    -TEFL/TESOL certificate and teaching experience preferred
    -Strong ambition and high sense of responsibility are desirable.
    -Energetic ...
    Qingdao Jobs | a kindergarten in Qingdao,Shandong
    ID:215009| 2014/10/24/10点

  • ● Position: full-time
    ● Location: Beijing, Shenzhen, Changsha
    ● Contract duration: 1 year
    ● Class size: 10 to 15 students
    ● Start Date: Any time
    ● 35 working hours per week, includes maximum of 25 teaching hours (average 15 teaching hours per week)

    ● Very competitive salary(monthly pay: 15,000-20,000RMB)
    ● Health Insurance
    ● Visa Reimbursement
    ● Free hotel accommodation upon arrival
    ● Free Chinese lessons
    ● Paid Chinese national holidays as well as December 25th and January 1st
    ● Vacations in Winter and Summer
    ● Annual completion bonus (RMB6,000)...
    Shenzhen Jobs | English training school in Shenzhen
    ID:215008| 2014/10/24/08点

  • Positions:
    * 1 primary maths teacher

    Basic requirements:
    * aged 23-55
    * BA /BS degree or above
    * at least 1 year teaching in class experience

    The position is for full time employment, in which the work shall be eight hours per day(including about 5 teaching hours), five days per week.

    What we offer to our teachers:
    * Monthly salary: 12,000 RMB or above
    * Monthly bonus: 1,000-2,000 RMB
    * Flight allowance: 5,000 RMB/year
    * Free apartment
    * Free transportation
    * Free working meal
    * Z visa
    Shenzhen Jobs | A primary school in Shenzhen
    ID:215007| 2014/10/24/01点

  • Dear Friend, do you want to travel in China and experience the Chinese culture? If you do, we can provide you with a great opportunity to teach in China. You can travel within China while you are teaching.
    We have many opportunities for foreign teachers who want to make a difference and have the experience of a lifetime. We have placed over 1000 qualified teachers in 100 schools all over China. We have 50 schools in big city, small city and town. And we believe we can provide you with just such a position.

    The Conditions of Employment:
    Degree:University degree is better
    Certificate: TE...
    Shenzhen Jobs | a training center in Shenzhen
    ID:214986| 2014/10/23/19点

  • Job description:
    1. Students: High school students 16-18 years old
    2. Contract: 12 months (You just need to teach from Sep 1st of 2014 to July 15th of 2015)
    (one month fully paid winter holiday, 5000 for the holiday in August, work half a month in July, but get the full payment. In total, you will have nearly 3 months' paid holiday)
    3. The number of students in a class: up to 25
    4. 16-20 lessons teaching a week; 40 minutes a lesson
    5. Working days: Monday to Friday

    1. Salary: 18,000 to 22,000/month before tax
    2. Annual insurance will be purchased for you.
    3. Paid holid...
    Guangzhou Jobs | a high school in Guangzhou
    ID:214990| 2014/10/23/15点

  • Hey friends,

    We are looking for a part time AP History teacher for 15 to 18 years old high school students. Our

    school is in Haizhu district of Guangzhou. 3 to 5 hours per week, two times teaching, 200 to 300

    RMB per hour--negotiable for great teachers!
    Guangzhou Jobs | a training center in Guangzhou
    ID:214992| 2014/10/23/14点

  • Department: Regional Centers of METEN Mainland China

     Prepare and fulfill English assessment for students.
     Make corresponding learning plan according to the level of each student.
     Be responsible for teaching of English, including listening, speaking, writing, etc..
     Fulfill one to one teaching and take proper ways based on the different situation of each student as well as their requirements.

     Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand
     Bachelors degree or above
     Graduated 2 years from university prior to...
    Jiangmen Jobs | Centers of METEN Mainland China in Jiangmen,Guangdong
    ID:214991| 2014/10/23/14点

  • Benefit:

    15 days Free accomodation
    helping looking for a house
    helping getting a Chinese bank card
    Work time : Wed--Fri 4:30--8:30PM,Sat and Sun 8:30am--6:30pm( Monday and Tuesday off )
    6000 RMB airfare bonus and free air-pick -up
    6000rmb for the annual bonus
    7500 --9000rmb (after tax)monthly
    2000 house allowance(Beijing)

    Free Visa
    Paid professional training(2 weeks)
    Paid public holidays
    1500rmb for house allowance in Beijing and Nanjing( free apartment in other cities )


    Native English teachers
    love children and teaching
    A year contract
    Guangzhou Jobs | a training center in Guangzhou
    ID:214989| 2014/10/23/13点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU

     Nantong-Language center
     Children teaching position
     25 teaching hours +office hours per week
     11000RMB per month
     Z visa, free apartment, airfare
     Changzhou-Language center
     Children teaching position
     22 teaching hours +office hours per week
     10000RMB per month
     Z visa, housing allowance, airfare

    We are looking for :
    Native speakers
    Teaching experience or degree
    If you have TEFL/TESOL/TESL/CELTA,it will increase the job chances in China
    Nantong Jobs | Falcon ESL Cecruitment in Nantong,Jiangsu
    ID:214995| 2014/10/23/12点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU

    School type:International Training School
    Students age : 3 -- 10 years old
    Small Class size
    Teaching Assistant Provided
    Two days off per week(Monday,Tuesday)
    32 hours per week (No more than 20 teaching hours)
    Interested sing children songs and play games

    7000 RMB/ month
    1500 Living Allowance
    500-750RMB Performance Bonus
    100RMB or more Demo Class
    6000RMB Air -fare after contract completion also air-port pick up
    Provide M and WORK visa help
    Chinese Public holidays
    Accident Insurance
    Free TEFL certificate Provided

    Teaching experience preferred
    One year contract
    Nanjing Jobs | International Training School in Nanjing,Jiangsu
    ID:214996| 2014/10/23/11点