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  • 300RMB/hour
    A part-time teacher needed at shekou ,Nanshan,shenzhen .
    Teaching materials: maths and Cambridge English to kids aged 5-7 years old
    Working time: Monday 5:00PM-6:00PM, 6:00pm-7:00pm,Maths,two different classes ,both are about 5years old.
    Tuesday :Cambridge English ,5:00PM-6:00PM, about 7 years old.
    Wednesday :Maths, 5:00PM-6:00PM about 5years old
    class size: 4~6 kids
    Salary:300RMB/hour ,4*300=1200rmb /week
    Requirement: Native English teacher preferred.
    please contact my wechat
    ID:253128| 2019/05/24/10点
  • negotiated
    Full Time @ Training Center
    Starts June 15th or ASAP
    Location: Yangpu district, Shanghai 上海
    Student age: 3-10 y.o
    Class size: Maximum 12 kids
    Working hours: Monday to Friday 13:30-20:30, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-16:30 (choose 2 off days on weekdays)
    Salary and benefits:
    -20k renew contract bonus year-end bonus
    -Flight allowance
    -Work visa provided
    Requirements: Z-visa qualified MALE experienced teacher
    (non-natives are accepted. But must have an existing transferable z-visa)
    ID:253127| 2019/05/24/09点
  • 10000RMB/month
    a part time and full teachers needed in kindergarten in Guangzhou 广州,
    Full time:7:45-12:00, 14:30-17:00 ,15000-17000RMB/month
    Requirement: native speakers only,
    Job3. A full-time teacher needed in training center in Shenzhen.
    Ages:3-6years ,
    Work time:Monday to Friday ,8hours a day .
    Salary :14-20K
    Requirement:female preferred ,good accent
    Location:LiuXianDong subway station. Line 5
    If you are interested ,
    please contact wechat
    ID:253101| 2019/05/23/09点
  • negotiable
    👒 Shanghai PT

    Summer teaching for a 12 years old boy

    - A 12 years old boy who is studying at Grade 10.

    - He speaks English very well and plans to study in the US or UK. So he wanna upgrade his English.

    - Schedule: 3 times a week on Monday,Wednesday, Friday morning.
    1.5-2 hours for each class

    - Location: LongHua station on Line12 OR YunJin Road station on Line 11

    - Start in July
    PT |
    ID:253098| 2019/05/23/09点
  • 18k-20k, after tax
    🎥 Shanghai PT

    💃 Drama teacher for 13days' summer camp(18k-20k!)

    👗 Students: 5-12 years old, 10-15 kids in a class

    👠 Schedule: 9:30am-6pm (13 days in total)
    5th - 9th of August
    12th -16th of August
    19th - 21th of August

    💎 Salary : 18k-20k, after tax

    - English native speaker ONLY,
    experienced in drama or performing arts preferred

    🎬 Location: Huamu Road on Line7, walking distance
    ID:253085| 2019/05/21/18点
  • $16-22/h
    home based ESL teacher
    Job Description:
    —Work as an independent contractor;
    —Each teaching contract period lasts for 6 months;
    —Adhere to the class schedule, and to enter every classroom on time;
    —Deliver online ESL lessons for the small group classes;
    —Make preparation for classes, background decorations, and teaching props;
    —Provide effective feedback about the platform and classes;
    —Responsible to regularly check for and respond to messages and emails from OLLY ENGLISH.
    —We provide a stable and long-term curriculum which means you don't have to wait for classes...
    ID:253072| 2019/05/20/10点
  • 250 per hour
    New part time job in Shanghai Songjiang available for non native male teachers
    2 times a week,each time 1.5 hours, working time can be either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 am to 11 am
    Teaching kids all boys ages 2.5 to 3.5 years old, less than 10 kids in a class
    Location: line 9 jiuting station about 800 metres walk
    Payment: 250 per hour
    Non native English speakers with good accent and classroom teaching experience can apply
    PM me at wechat  if you are fully qualified
    PT |
    ID:253046| 2019/05/16/20点
  • 10000 rmbs plus 1000rmbs
    English Teachers Needed for Summer Camp(2 Months Part Time Job)
    Location: Putuo District, Shanghai near to both metro  Line7 and Line11
    Position Information and requirements: 
    • Two months contract (July 1st through August  30th)
    • Working hours are from 8:40am-16:30pm  and 5 working days per  week (off on Saturdays and Sundays)
    • 5 lessons(40 minutes) per day  
    • Class size: 16 students (Ages: 2.5 through 7  but mainly 3 through 7) 
    • Pre-made   lesson plans based on the syllabus
    •  working with an assistant of  a chinese teacher
    Salary and Benefits: 
    •  10000 rmbs...
    ID:252802| 2019/05/13/22点
  • 160-220rmb/h. 12000-25000rmb/m
    Native or Non native teachers with good accent. ONE ON ONE vip class English Teachers needed in Beijing(subway line 1 Gongzhufen station; line 10 Bagou station; line 6 Dongdaqiao station; line 2 Chegongzhuang station; line 5 Huixinxijiebeikou station). Full time or part time position. 160-220rmb/h. 12000-25000rmb/m. Flexible working time without office hours(or fixed basic salary with office hours). students age is 3-40 years old. If you have good English level and good accent please contact wechat
    ID:252782| 2019/05/11/12点
  • 600perday
    Changli, Hebei Province need a part -time teacher, need pronunciation standards, in line with the work sign, kindergarten, salary according to the interview decisio
    Wednesday and Thursday
    female teacher
    600per day
    PT |
    ID:252779| 2019/05/11/09点
  • 180RMB per hour
    Part time teacher needed
    this Wed
    5:40-6:25 &6:35-7:20pm
    6:00-6:45 &7:00-7:45pm,
    5:50-6:35&6:55-7:40pm(1.5h per time )
    Sun 2-6pm
    in Yizhuang Not a far from Shuangjing station.

    180RMB per hour

    Person to contact:
    PT |
    ID:252756| 2019/05/07/22点
  • 14-25k
    Part time native home Tutoring teachers needed for 3-6 years old kids in Beijing

    Working Schedule:
    20h teaching hours per week
    Teaching schedule
    18:30-20:30 Mon to Fri
    10:00-20:30 Sat to Sun

    Duration of each class: 90 minutes

    Student Age: 3-12 years old

    Class Info: 2-5 kids per class
    Teaching Content:
    1) Phonics
    2) Words
    3) Writing Technique
    4) Oral English Coaching
    1) Probation period: 14-20k RMB/Month.
    2) Contractual Salary: 16-25k RMB/Month.
    ) Love and understand kids and like to interact well with them,
    PT |
    ID:252724| 2019/05/06/07点
  • 1000RMB per day
    Earn 12,000RMB after taxes
    for 12days
    University summer teacher in Taiyuan
    ♢  University Summer teacher wanted in Taiyuan city( July 1-14)
    ♢  vacancies : 50
    ♢  30 teaching hours per week for 2 weekends,
    ♢    Hold at least Bachelor degree or above
    ♢    Hold TESOL, TEFL,CELTA or equivalent certificates
    ♢    Native Speakers from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa only
    ♢  1000RMB per day ,
    ♢  free accommodation and meal.  
    ♢  insurance covering major diseases and accidents
    ♢  Historical sites visi...
    ID:252689| 2019/04/28/21点
  • 7-10k
    Jiangsu Xuzhou Recruitment of foreign language teachers, men and women are not limited, requirements: pronunciation standards, teaching experience, two days off a week, responsible for accommodation, wages: 7-10k, according to the demo decision.
    ID:252687| 2019/04/28/21点
  • negotiable
    @looking for one female singer. can sing Spanish songs & play guitar. MAY14th night in Shanghai.
    PT |
    ID:252679| 2019/04/27/13点
  • 5000 RMB to 15000RMB
    need a part time teacher with a good pronounciation in Shenzhen training center

    Monthly payment:5000 RMB to 15000RMB depending on your abilities

    Working schedule :
    Monday 5.10-6.40pm, 7:00-8:30
    Tuesday 5:10 - 6:40pm
    Wednesday 5:10 - 6:40pm
    Thursday 5.10-6.40pm, 7.00-8.30pm
    Friday 5:10:60 pm
    8.30-10 a.m. Saturday

    Start ASAP

    Contact me if you want to apply
    ID:252666| 2019/04/26/17点
  • 600RMB/Day
    Substitute ENglish teachers needed right now near to Military Museum, line 1, Bei JIng .

    Wed: 13.00-20:30 (including office hours)
    Thu: 9.00AM-19.00PM
    Sat: 9.00AM-18.00PM
    Sun: 9.00 AM- 18.00PM
    Office hours are imcluded.
    Students are 3-12 years old.
    EXperienced European teachers with good pronunciation preferred.
    Starting time :ASAP, It will last around 2 weeks
    Contact : Candy
    ID:252659| 2019/04/26/09点
  • 600 rmb per hour
    shanghai cloth shooting :shanghai cloth shooting at april 25th need one male model .caucasian fashion .handsome .the salary will be 600 rmb per hour .about 6hour finish shooting .if you have time pls pm me your model card
    PT |
    ID:252619| 2019/04/21/22点
  • negotiate
    1)zhongshan:May1-4,need 2 female models,9am to 5pm,car show,send me model card

    2)zhongshan,next month Need a bubble show,send me videos ,please
    ID:252618| 2019/04/21/20点
  • 200-400per hour
    Looking for a full time native or nonative foreign teacher for a training center in Buji,Shenzhen. Working five days a week,off Monday and Tuesday,around 15k.
    Plus a part time job in Longhua,Shenzhen. Working Monday to Friday 9:00-10:00,10:00-11:00,200-250/h for nonnative,300-400/h for native. Teaching 1-3ys kids. If you are interested please contact me.
    ID:252615| 2019/04/21/20点
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