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  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    From 30,000 KRW per hour
    Part-Time Positions - Biz English Instructors

    [PT] Seoul Yangjae (서울 양재)
    Start Date: April 29, 2024 (three to five days training in March)
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7AM ~ 10:30AM
    Monday ~ Friday 7AM ~ 10:30AM
    Monday ~ Friday 11AM ~ 8PM
    Monday ~ Friday 3PM ~ 8PM
    Starting from 30,000KRW per hour (Negotiable based on qualification)

    Please submit your recent resume, photo, and SPEP application form to email. (Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.)

    [Minimum Requirements for any of our teaching positions]

    Must be nati...
    PT |
    ID:279195| 2024/04/01/10点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    From 30,000 KRW per hour
    Part-Time Positions - Biz English Instructors

    [PT] Biz English Instructor
    [Job Description]
    Type of Class: Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
    Students: Business Professionals
    Levels: All levels
    Class size: Group class and/or 1:1
    Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)
    [Basic Qualifications]
    Candidates with prior experience in corporate field (over 1 year) or teaching business English (over 1 years) is preferred
    Bachelor’s degree in Business, Educ...
    PT |
    ID:279194| 2024/04/01/10点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Looking for German/French/ Spanish Teachers
    This is a language center. We are currently looking for German, French and Spanish Teachers for both private & school class. If you are interested, please contact me.
    ID:279193| 2024/04/01/10点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Secondary Biololgy/Drama/Maths Teachers in a k12 Bilingual School (Asap)
    We are hiring a Secondary Drama teacher, a Biology teacher, and a Math teacher for a 12-bilingual school
    Location: Chaoyang district, Beijing
    Starting: ASAP
    Bachelor's or Master's degree in a related field.
    Teaching certification and relevant experience in a secondary school setting.
    Speak English fluently
    More than two years of related Teaching Experience
    Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
    Competitive salary. range from 26000-32000CNY/month (before tax)
    ID:279164| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    English Teacher for Children
    Job description
    1. Position:Part-time English teaching
    2.working time:Saturday and Sunday
    3. kids age: from 4-6 years old.
    4. Starting time ASAP
    5. Location : Lucheng station of line 6
    1.Be patient. positive, passionate on teaching.
    2. Good communication skills, outgoing, enthusiastic with excellent interactive abilities;
    3. Native English Speaking from USA, UK, AUS, Canada and New Zealand etc.
    4.Over one years experience in early childhood education
    PT |
    ID:279163| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Part Time English Teachers Are Needed for Junior High School Kids
    -A good pronunciation in English
    - Experienced in teaching English for ages from 12-15 years old to non-native speakers
    -Patient and willing to help
    -In Beijing or online classes
    Pay and time schedule:
    Your salary and time schedule will be discussed face to face. Both the salary and time schedule is flexible and could be changed after negotiation.
    If you believe that you can meet the requirements above, please contact me by adding my WeChat, My WeChat
    Thank you for your time
    PT |
    ID:279162| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Foreign Principal of Elementary and Middle School Position in Beijing
    Job Title: Foreign Principal of Elementary and Middle School
    Report to: School Executive Principal
    On Board Time: ASAP
    Job Goal / Purpose:
    To be responsible for the administration and educational leadership of the Elementary and Secondary section
    Qualifications and Experience Required:
    •Master degree or higher in Education Administration/Leadership
    •Master degree or higher in Teaching/Education
    •Minimum three years experience in education administration
    •Minimum five years experience in Secondary teaching
    ID:279161| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Part Time Kids Tutors Wanted From US/UK/Canada/Australia in ZhongGuanCun, ShuangJing
    Beijing Goldentran English is a fast growing school accredited by the Chinese Education Ministry. Goldentran’s focus is 1-on-1 tutoring with students of all ages. Our mission is to offer students the highest level of tutoring in Beijing with professional teachers and staff. We offer a fun, stable, and professional environment for our teachers and students. So far we have helped over 10,000 students achieve their goals.
    We are looking for experienced and reliable teachers to join our team. Goldentran has two...
    PT |
    ID:279160| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    rate 300-400 per hour, Monthly income: RMB 20,000 -35,000 Yuan
    Native English Teacher Needed (From US\England\Australia\Canada Prefer) Around Beijing and Other Cities in China
    Fortuna international maily foucus on language improving for chinese kids ,Mostly is 1-on-1 offline tutoring with students of all ages.. We offer a stable, professional and reliable environment for our teachers and students.
    We are looking for experienced and trustworthy teachers to join us . Fortuna has two convenient locations in wangjing and Jianwai soho/CBD. Welcom you to join us !
    Job description:
    1. One on one tutoring
    2. Students: kindergarden,primary and secondary schoo...
    ID:279159| 2024/03/30/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Part/Full Time Kids Tutors Wanted From US/UK/Canada/Australia in Beijing/China.
    We are a home class compamy that has been establish for more than ten years, looking for experienced and reliable teachers to join our team. Most of our classes are one on one ,and different levels. We can arrange class depend on teacher's location and avaiiable schedule.
    Job description:
    1. One on one tutoring
    2. Students: kindergarden,primary and secondary school students,adults
    3. Teaching English by textbooks,games and so on
    1. Nativenative speakers
    2. Pref. experience teaching children
    ID:279158| 2024/03/30/13点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Native English Teacher Needed in Tongzhou District, Beijing
    Part time training center English teacher Needed in Tongzhou district, Beijing
    Starting Date: March 2024;
    1. Students: 5-12
    2. Period: Since April 2024;
    3. Salary: 250-500RMB/hour
    4. Schedule: Monday-Friday afternoon , start at around 5:30(at least 2 classes of 40 mintues each time); and weekend
    5. Traffic: near Tongzhou district, Beijing (near Liyuan station of line 1 (Batong line))
    1.Native speakers from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa etc.
    2. With working(teaching)...
    ID:279157| 2024/03/30/13点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Daechi, Seoul - Hiring Experienced English Teachers currently residing in Korea
    Job Description
    Ensight Academy gears towards prestigious gifted education. We provide fast-paced, and high level learning.
    We value teaching structured writing as early as starting from age 7 through grade 6.
    We provide a balanced program of academics as well as fun speaking classes involving novel and current issues.
    Location: Daechi, Gangnam, Seoul (Samsungro 338, 1st FL)
    Starting Date: March 2024
    Age Group: 7 years old (afterschool program) to Grade 6
    Group level: Gifted
    Salary: 3.2 million won and u...
    ID:278987| 2024/02/20/17点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Milestone Institute - Songpa Campus - MAR 2024 Hire
    Job Description
    M.I. is currently one of the most well-respected academies in South Korea. Its roots started over 17 years ago in Daechi which is located in the Gangnam district. Due to an ever-growing list of students who wish to join our classes, we have opened up branches in Seocho, Bundang, Mokdong & Busan in the past 8 years and we have opened our 7th branch in SONGPA.
    Our core curriculum is based on Reading and Writing using American textbooks, novels, and other non-fiction contents. We also have a very unique system that foc...
    ID:278986| 2024/02/20/17点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Hourly 70,000 Won
    Hourly 70,000 won After school PT Teacher at a public elementary school
    Job Description
    Hourly 70,000Won After school PT Teacher at a public elementary school
    # Conditions:
    - Starting Date: The beginning of March 2024
    - Contract period : until February 16th 2024
    - Working area: In - cheon or Seong nam city
    - Working days: Wednesday or Friday
    - Working hours: Wednesday or Friday( 1:20~3:40 ) / 40 minutes 3 classes
    ( 1 hour is 60 minutes)
    - Pay : Hourly 70,000 Won / 140,000 Won for 40 minutes 3 classes
    - teaching level: Elementary students, grades 1 through 6...
    ID:278984| 2024/02/20/17点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    50,000 KW per hour
    Part time English Teacher
    Job Description
    A kindergarten in Dongtan is looking to hire a native English teacher to work part-time on weekday mornings.
    Here is the information about the job:
    • Location: Dongtan, Hwaseong
    • Starting date: March 2024
    • Student level: Korean ages 3 to 5
    • Work hours: 10 a.m. to noon on Mondays to Thursdays (totaling 8 working hours per week)
    • Compensation: 50,000 Korean won per hour
    • Duties: The teacher should plan activities, make lesson plans and teaching materials, and lead classes.
    • Teacher requirements: The teacher should be an F-series vi...
    PT |
    ID:278983| 2024/02/20/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    GK-G8 Homeroom, Art, Music, PE, Coding, Full Time Teachers Wanted
    Job Description
    Job Description
    GK, G1-G8: full-time position BOTH HOMEROOM / SPECIALTY TEACHERS (up to 23 instructional hours per week) 
    Benedem Education of Seoul, located at Yong San Gu is seeking a Kinder, Elementary & Middle School Homeroom and Specialty Homeroom Teacher from GK - G8.
    Location: 7-14 Dongbinggodong, Yong San Gu, Seoul (across from Mondrian Hotel at Itaewon)
    Working Hours: 8:10 am – 5:10 pm
    Benedem Education of Seoul is an academic institute where we provide a challenging yet
    ID:278982| 2024/02/20/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    150,000KRW / day (negotiable)
    After school PT positions working 3~4 teaching hours per week in Seoul and Suji. Must have at least one year experience teaching elementary children. Must possess a valid F6/F4/F2.
    Job Description
    ►Part Time Jobs at Public Elementary School
    1. Location :
    - Goduck stn. line no.5 (고덕역)
    - Myeonok stn. line no.7 (면목역)
    - Jukjeon stn. Sujibundang line.(죽전역)
    2. Working Day : Monday to Friday (You can choose a specific day 1day for each school)
    3. Working Hours :13:00pm-17:00pm (Time table can be changed according school schedule.)
    4. No. of classes : 3~4classes / day
    5. Wage ...
    PT |
    ID:278981| 2024/02/20/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Elementary Teacher (FT/PT) 8 weeks PAID Vacation & All Holidays!
    Job Description
    Develop and implement age-appropriate daily lessons that follow the school's curriculum plan.
    Create and maintain a fun, safe, and age-appropriate classroom environment where the children will learn, grow, and thrive socially and spiritually.
    Be available to colleagues for questions, problem-solving, and collaboration.
    Demonstrate a love for God: display spiritual maturity, teachable spirit, reverence towards God, knowledge, and applicat...
    ID:278980| 2024/02/20/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    45-50,000 won
    Seoul,Seongnam,Bundang,Yongin,Misa,Special class Opportunity position.
    location: Seoul,Suseo,Seungnam,Incheon,Suwon,Misa,Namyangju area.
    date: Full time: 9-5pm/10-4pm/1-6pm /2.6-3.0million.
    Part time: Mon-Friday(10-12pm) / in 1-4pm.
    pay: per 45,000-50,000 won / experence teaching teachers.
    **Special class
    1. location:1)location 위례 area10-12
    2)Bokjeong st area (everymonth lastweek Monday)
    12.40-2.40pm/ pay:per hour 50,000won(E2,F5,F6)
    2.location: 1)location:독립문st area(everymonth 1times/2schools)
    10-12/1-2 tota; 3hours.
    ID:278979| 2024/02/20/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    ASAP_ English Teaching Position in Bundang, Pyeongchon, Ilsan, Seodaemun, Seongnam
    Job Description
    Full-time or Short-Term Teaching Positions with GREAT PAY
    Creverse (FKA CHUNGDAHM LEARNING) is an education service company with premium brands for K-12 students: Chungdahm Institute, April Institute, and i-Garten. Each offers its own distinctive curriculum, which is developed in-house and integrated with Smart Learning solutions to cultivate 21st-century talents in the age of digitalization and globalization. Globally,...
    ID:278978| 2024/02/20/16点
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