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  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    10,000--11,000RMB/Month after tax
    We’re looking for a full-time ESL teacher for the following locations.

    1) Fang Zhuang area,Feng Tai District, not far from Pu Huang Yu subway station, line 5
    2) Jin Yuan Shopping Mall, Hai Dian Distrcit, close to Chang Chun Qiao, line 10
    3) Near to Olympic Green, line 8
    4)Near to Yong An Li, line 1
    5) near to Qing Yuan Lu, line Da Xing(extension of line 4)
    6) near to Tong Zhou Bei Yuan. line Ba Tong

    The schedule is : Wednesday to Friday: 1.30-8.00PM
    Saturday and Sunday: 9.00AM--6.00PM

    Students are 2--6 years old.

    There’re no more than 20-25 teaching hours a week ....
    Haidian District Jobs | several Training centers in Beijing
    ID:214223| 2014/08/19/15点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Hello everybody , this is Seory English , a professional language training school with many branches . We have been in Beijing for more than 8 years . And we professionally do one on one teaching . We have the students vary in age from 2 years old to 70 years old , and it will depend on our teachers what’s age group you can handle . Our major subject is English , and we focus on oral English , business English , IELTS, TOEFL, SAT , listening , writing and so on . Teachers can give lessons what you are good at . If you can speak English well , please join us , and we’ll offer flexible schedul...
    Chaoyang District Jobs | The Seory English in Beijing
    ID:214222| 2014/08/19/15点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    This is Danny, and I am looking for YOU to join my team of professional English teachers. I work for a public recruiting institution, which is part of Chaoyang Education Committee in Beijing. We are not a typical agency but are set up in affiliation with the government. 
We cooperate with very many public schools in the Chaoyang district and are helping them to recruit qualified foreign teachers. There are 
primary schools, junior high and senior high

 schools. We have different positions available.

    salary : 13000-15000 for a maximum of 25 lessons (including 2000 housing allowance) e...
    Chaoyang District Jobs | a Public School in Chaoyang,Beijing
    ID:214221| 2014/08/19/15点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    English Teaching Position Information

    Requirement: 1) enthusiasm of teaching english as second language
    2) will be able to stay in China for at least four months
    3) Native speakers or Europeans who don't have stong accent
    4) Teaching experience. For teachers who don't have much teaching experience, a short training section will be hold at the interview.

    Location: flexible(in our center or the Students' home)
    Position type: Full time or part-time
    School: Pre-school education, oral English for primary school, spoken English for Middle school
    Starting time: ASAP
    Students' age:Above 2...
    ID:214126| 2014/08/19/11点

  • One-on-one IB Spanish tutors are needed to teach an international school student in Shanghai.

    Location: Tutors go client's homes in their neighbourhood.

    Qualifications include:

    • Competence in Spanish;

    • A love for working with children & teenagers

    • Flexibility and a willingness to learn new approaches

    • Organizational skills and good time management skills


    • Our training will teach you to become an effective tutor.

    • Receive official tutoring certificate upon completion of training.

    • Enhance your resume with professional tutoring experien...
    One-on-one IB Spanish tutors in Shanghai
    ID:214379| 2014/08/18/22点
  • Jiangsu Jobs > EDU
    6000-8000 RMB per month

    We are seeking some foreign teachers to teach kids English (3-12 years old) .Welcome to join our English center in Jiangsu (ABIE English Center) and we have 59 teaching centers in China.We need responsible and patient enough teachers with excellent subject knowledge, a clear pronunciation.The positions are are currently available .Please contact us as soon as possible if you want to have a good job.

    Salary and Benefits for Full-time Teachers:
    1. Salary: up to 6000-8000 RMB per month
    2.Chinese paid holiday
    3. Visa support

    If you are interested and need more details,pl...
    ID:214121| 2014/08/18/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Foreign teachers are needed by our company as soon as possible ~! We company is a good hospitality company aims to help foreign teachers seek jobs with nice salary in China as essay as possible , both Part-time and Full-time.

    If you r a confidence and experienced teacher, contact us please without any hesitate.

    Looking forward to hear from you !!!

    Please send you CV to this email address if you are interesting for this position
    Haidian District Jobs | a Kindergarten in Haidian,Beijing
    ID:214376| 2014/08/18/17点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    13000---17000 monthly
    Hi there , this is a private English trainig school . We have 7 branches in Beijing with 23 full time foreign teachers ,Located at Xizhimen/CBD/Wangjing/Wudaokou/Yanjiao/Liangxiang/Changyang
    Students age : 3-12 years old
    classes sides: 1 on 1 tutoring and small group (5-8 students in one class)
    Schedule : Mon. Tue. off
    Wed. to Fri. 2:30-7:30pm
    Weekends : 8:30am to 6:30pm
    Salary : 13000---17000 monthly
    House allowance or Free apartment
    Medical insurance
    Year end bonus
    Performance bonus
    Provide working visa
    Paid holiday
    Travel in China
    If your English no accent , if you love chil...
    West City Xicheng District Jobs | a private English trainig school in Beijing
    ID:214372| 2014/08/18/17点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Salary: about 11000-13000rmb per month,
    Provide you Z visa
    Some travels every semester, year bonus , winter holidays with salary
    Have 2 days rest and winter holidays
    Complete one year contract, 10000rmb for flight
    2000rmb allowance every month
    Business insurance

    Native speaker
    Between 25-55 years old
    One year contract
    At least with Bachelor degree
    8 vacancies
    Job description:
    Public primary school\ junior \ senior school in beijing ,
    oral English, about 20-25 classes every week, 45 minutes every class
    No more than 30 students every class
    5 office hours e...
    Chaoyang District Jobs | Simply Hired Global Co.,Ltd
    ID:213980| 2014/08/18/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Native teachers with teaching experience
    Between 22-50 years old
    About one year contract
    At least Bachelor degree
    2 vacancies
    Job description:
    Teaching hours no more than 20 teaching hours every week,
    Students: about 5-15 years old
    About 6-8 students every class
    Salary: about 10000-12000rmb per month , payed on 25th every month ,
    Provide you Z visa
    Have lunch allowance at weekend
    Have 2 days rest every week, National holidays
    For one year contract, no more than 10000rmb reimbursement for your flight
    A free apartment
    Accident insurance
    How to apply :
    Changping District Jobs | Simply Hired Global Co.,Ltd
    ID:213979| 2014/08/18/16点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU

    Our school in Wangjing is waiting for you to join the team. Whether you specialize in teaching children, students, adults or corporations, your skills are welcome.
    We will provide you with regular training and the necessary teaching materials. Salary in accordance with your experience.
    We look forward to meeting you.

    Add:4\F, Tower D ,XingYuanGuoJi Plaza, Guangshunbei Street, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing China

    RouteL: You can take subway Line 15,and get off at Wangjing Station , Exit C.
    Chaoyang District Jobs | a training center in Wangjing,Beijing
    ID:214224| 2014/08/18/15点
  • Hebei Jobs > EDU
    ID:214014| 2014/08/18/15点

  • Max 8,000 RMB\month after tax.
    22 hours\week.
    Free housing.
    6,000 airfare\year.
    14 days paid holiday\year.
    1 or 2 days free\week.
    Teach children & adults.
    Prefer young, lively.
    100 rmb\hour for over time.
    Start ASAP.
    Summer Job:
    July --Aug.
    5--6 hours\day.
    5--6 days\week.
    Can do over time.
    Free housing.
    Teach middle & primary school.
    About 20 students\class.
    Guangzhou Jobs | a training center in Guangzhou,Guangdong
    ID:214220| 2014/08/18/15点

  • DK Education: Our Mission Statement
    DK Education is an Academic English Organization based in Beijing. Co-founded in 2010 by Lucy Haagen, 10 year veteran of the College Board, we partner with high schools around China to change their attitude and approach to English Language Education. Our mission is to better prepare Chinese high school students to attend and succeed at American Universities by providing them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused English language curriculum.

    "Academic English Organization"
    DK Education is not another "Test Prep" or "ESL" organization. ...
    Shenzhen Jobs | DK Education Shenzhen
    ID:214219| 2014/08/18/14点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP

    Here is seeking a private secretary of president who’s a free investor and has business all over China.

    Main Requirements:
    Good skills in Microsoft Office, strong writing skills;
    Excellent communication skills;
    Good critical and economic thinking and accountability
    Spirit of dedication and be willing to acquire new knowledge;
    Good manner and positive thoughts,enough responsibility;
    Be good at teamwork;
    Be able to business trip;

    *Fresh graduate is also considered.
    if interested, Please send your CV and picture to us.
    Thanks a lot.
    ID:214122| 2014/08/18/10点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    his is a nice new kindergarten

    Most students here are 3-6 years old.
    and around 10-15 kids in a group.

    from Monday to Friday


    We're offering 150RMB/Hour. experienced teachers
    if you are interested , please send your CV and photo to us.
    Chaoyang District Jobs | kindergartens
    ID:214119| 2014/08/17/18点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    5500RMB-7000RMB (free of Tax)
    Our company is Beijing China New International Culture Exchange Center. If you would like to enrich your teaching experience while explore this great nation here. I would like invite you to working with us.
    We have been working with government schools throughout the whole country. We will try our best to assist you to find a teaching job by providing you with transparent information that you need.
    If you would like to work with us, please respond to this email for further details. We would like to learn more about your background and your plan.

    To apply for those positions, please e-mail...
    Beijing China New International Culture Excha
    ID:214218| 2014/08/17/14点

  • Primary School in Luohu, Shenzhen. (LZRMZ)
    9,600 RMB\month.
    Free meals.
    Monday to Thursday.
    16 hours\week.
    40 minutes\class.
    Start ASAP or in Sep.
    Provide resting room in the noon.
    No office hours.
    Can leave as soon as finish teaching.
    Leave early on Tuesday pm.
    4,000 bonus/year.
    Shenzhen Jobs | a Primary School in Luohu,Shenzhen
    ID:214217| 2014/08/17/14点

  • Min 10,000 RMB\month after tax.
    Min 15,000 for AP, SAT teachers with teaching license.
    Prefer graduated from certain universities like:
    Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Pennsylvania, California Technology, Massuchusetts Technology, Duke, Dartmouth, Chicago, Northwestern, JohnsHopkins, Washington, Brown, Cornell, Rice, Vanderbilt, NotreDame, Emory, Georgetown, CarnegieMellon, California, SouthernCalifornia, Virginia, WakeForest, Tufts, Michagin-Annarbor, NorthCarolina, Boston, William & Mary, NewYork, Brandels, Georgia Technology, Lehigh, Rochester, CaseWesternReserve, Renss...
    Shenzhen Jobs | A School in Futian, Shenzhen
    ID:214216| 2014/08/17/14点

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    Shenzhen Jobs | an international high school in Bao'an,SZ
    ID:214215| 2014/08/17/13点