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  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    No Office Work,Tourism City, High Salary, Historic City,Two-Day Rest
    *Salary: 12k-20k and overtime bonus paid on 17th every month,
    *Visa: The school offer work visa
    *Holiday: legal holiday,no office work,have rest on Monday and Tuesday
    *Tickets: airfare allowance at the end of the contract
    *Accommodation: free accommodation
    Job content:
    *Give lessons to age group :3-15
    *Homework correcting
    *Major course and oral english with teaching materials
    *40hrs ,20-30teaching hours per week, 45min per class
    *english teacher with BA degree or above
    * teaching experienc...
    ID:268784| 2021/01/15/13点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    Experience english teacher
    A kindergarten in Kunming needs a full-time English teacher, with a working visa and teaching experience, or should have documents for applying for a work visa, good pay please add WeChat
    ID:268783| 2021/01/15/13点
  • 15k/m(after tax)
    ASAP-Qingdaotraining school needs 1 ESL teacher-at least 15k/m(after tax)&house allowance&manageme
    Job Description:
    -Location:in Laoshan district of Qingdao city of Shandong Province
    - type of school: training center(5-12 yrs old)
    - workload:3pm-8pm on weekdays,9am-6pm on weekends(3 hours’ lunch break),Mondays off
    Requirements:1 ESL teacher( in China,with BA or above,with management type work visa which can be transferred)
    - Salary:at least 15k/m(after tax);
    - House allowance provided;
    -Management type work visa provided.
    ID:268782| 2021/01/15/13点
  • China Jobs > EDU
    2.4 Million KRW ~ 2.5 Million KRW
    Language school
    1. Location: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do
    2. Teaching level: Kindy ~ Middle
    3. Starting date: Jan. 18th (2 position)
    4. Working hours: 9:30 am ~ 6:10 pm (Mon,Wed), 9:30 am ~ 7:10 pm (Tue,Thu,Fri)
    5. Salary: 2.4 Million KRW ~ 2.5 Million KRW
    6. Benefits: Housing, severance pay, health insurance & pension (paid 50/50),10 paid vacation days, Oneway ticket
    7. Qualifications : E2,F2,F6 visa holders// Must have an apostilled bachelor's degree and a nationwide (FBI/RCMP/etc) criminal background check//Citizenship from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

    If you are int...
    ID:268775| 2021/01/14/23点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    2.2 Million KRW ~ 2.5 Million KRW
    Language school
    1. Location: Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (Doksan-dong)
    2 Teaching level: Elementary
    3. Starting date: Feb. 1st
    4. Working hours: 1 pm ~ 9 pm (Mon ~ Fri)
    5. Salary: 2.2 Million KRW ~ 2.5 Million KRW
    6. Benefits: Housing or Allowance, severance pay, health insurance & pension (paid 50/50),10 paid vacation days, Oneway ticket
    7. Qualifications : E2,F2,F6 visa holders// Must have an apostilled bachelor's degree and a nationwide (FBI/RCMP/etc) criminal background check//Citizenship from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand

    If you are inter...
    ID:268774| 2021/01/14/23点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    2.2 Million KRW ~ 2.4 Million
    Language school
    1. Location: Namgu, Busan (Daeyeon-dong)
    2. Teaching level: Kindy
    3. Starting date: March 2nd (3 position)---(Training : Feb.22nd to 26th)
    4. Working hours: 8:30 am ~ 5:30 pm (Mon ~ Fri)
    5. Salary: 2.2 Million KRW ~ 2.4 Million KRW
    6. Benefits: Housing, severance pay, health insurance & pension (paid 50/50),10 paid vacation days, Oneway ticket(Max : 800,000won)
    7. Qualifications : E2,F2,F4,F5,F6 visa holders// Must have an apostilled bachelor's degree and a nationwide (FBI/RCMP/etc) criminal background check//Citizenship from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia...
    ID:268773| 2021/01/14/23点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Part-Time English & German Teachers Needed in Beijing
    Native English & German teachers are need in Beijing. RMB300/hour as training rate. We will assign learners to you according to your free time and location. If you are interested in such part-time teaching jobs, please contact us with your profile and self-introduction video.

    Aplus is a Language, Inter-Culture training institute only targeted to multinational companies.
    We have branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Guangzhou.
    Most of our learners are expatriates learning in 1vs1 or 1vs2 training mode. The training sit...
    ID:268772| 2021/01/14/23点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    2.1 million KRW
    ASAP | Kindy-Elementary Teacher | Busan
    Job Description
    1. Role and Responsibilities
    Teach kindergarten and elementary students in the beach city of Busan. At Kid's Club, students learn English through fun events and activities including cooking and science classes.
    Teach basic to advanced English to students
    Teach listening, reading, writing, and listening
    Follow and plan lessons based on a set curriculum
    Help students prepare for speech competitions
    Guide students through cooking and science experiments
    2. Candidate Qualifications
    We are not hiring candidates outside of Korea.
    ID:268641| 2021/01/13/21点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    [ASAP] Freelancer English Instructor Position in Seoul (Yongsan Area)
    Job Description
    Berlitz Korea currently has an open freelance position in the Yongsan Area.
    Course duration - ongoing (January 2021 ~ ongoing ), Mon ~ Fri Evenings from 17:30 ~ 19:00 (any 3 evenings)
    Berlitz is one of the oldest and largest global organizations devoted to language teaching and other related services.
    We teach in response to a full spectrum of students' needs and to a full complement of students, mostly from the corporate world.
    Ideal candidates will have a strong sense of customer service, cultural se...
    ID:268640| 2021/01/13/21点
  • Beijing Jobs > CORP
    Overseas Game Customer Support (Russian Language)
    1. To maintain overseas game mechanics;
    2. To be responsible for establishing contact with game users, and collecting, sorting, analyzing and managing user information;
    3. To keep good and efficient communication with users;
    4. To follow up the game trend and experience of players, formulate maintenance strategy in time, and improve user activity;
    1. Native level of Russian language
    2. Fluent Chinese language
    3. To be familiar with overseas game mechanics;
    4. At least 1 year of experience in customer service, preferably ...
    ID:268639| 2021/01/13/21点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Part Time and Full Time Teachers Needed
    We are looking for part time and full time English teachers to join our amazing team.
    The school is situated near Qingnian lu Line 6 Beijing. Open for 5 years but newly renovated and has an amazing atmosphere.
    Salary will depend on experience and range between 250-350ph and 20-25k for full time and there are lots of performance and other bonuses.
    Kids are between 3-14 and learn all forms of English skills. Class sizes are 1-8 and an average of 6 per class.
    For Part time, native and non-native can apply, if you are non native a clear and easy to unde...
    ID:268638| 2021/01/13/21点
  • negotiate
    Kindergarten / Pre-Prep Classroom Teacher
    In September 2019, the King’s School, Canterbury, dating back to 597 and one of the UK’s leading co-educational boarding schools, opened its first overseas branch, a Kindergarten/Pre-Prep department (ages 2-6) in Shenzhen, China’s fastest growing city. This year, we have added Grade 1 (UK Year 2) Primary students and number around 200. In September we shall add Grade 2 (UK Year 3) and increase our numbers to around 300. Our new Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools will open fully on a new site next year to create a flagship school in the region of...
    ID:268637| 2021/01/13/20点
  • Yunan Jobs > EDU
    Looking for German Teacher
    A qualified German teacher is required to teach a young learner once or twice a week. English classes also available if experienced and qualified.
    Wu Hua district (Gao Xin area)
    Weekdays 5pm / Weekends flexible (50 minutes per class)
    Immediate start
    PT |
    ID:268636| 2021/01/13/20点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Full time English teacher needed in Beijing kindergarten starting from Feb 2021
    ·Position: Full-time English teacher
    ·students’ age range: 3-6 years old
    ·Working hours: 8 hours per day, Monday – Friday
    ·Working address: HaiDian District, Courtyard No.2 West Third Ring North Road

    ·Job description:

    1.Full time job in a Beijing well known kindergarten.
    2.English teacher is the class teacher in our kindergarten.
    3.Writing lesson plan. Accomplishing daily teaching records. Observing and recording the kids’ daily behaviors.
    4.Organizing and delivering lessons to children. Creating a vibrant t...
    Eduposition Consulting
    ID:268544| 2021/01/12/16点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    IBDP Economics (Full-time Teacher)
    Job Description
    IBDP Economics Teacher Recruitment
    Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages(GAFL) , a high school for advanced foreign language learners, is looking for an Economics teacher who is passionate to guide future global leaders. Visit: www.gafl.hs.kr
    1. Duties and Responsibilities
    Teaching IBDP Economics and organizing classes
    Attending teacher meetings and relevant meetings
    Supporting and organizing extracurricular activities of students in school
    Creating exam materials and supervising examinations
    Supporting student life, such as proctorin...
    ID:268542| 2021/01/12/15点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    32,000 won to 36,000 won per instructional hour
    Teaching Positions Available at J Lee Preparatory ◇★Bundang★◇
    Job Description
    J LEE Campus (Bundang) **Positions Starting in March (Training in February)**
    ++ A new career opportunity in a well-established English academy ++
    We are currently looking for an experienced, highly capable and dedicated FULL TIME teacher to teach our 1st~7th grade classes. Our academy caters to the top 1% of Korean students who have passed our rigorous entrance exam and thus are fluent in English. You will work with more than 20 dedicated native teachers in a professional environment. We strive to give o...
    PT |
    ID:268541| 2021/01/12/15点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    Early Elementary Teacher Needed ASAP
    Job Description
    SPARK Education is a holding corporation that owns and operates two types of academies: PEA-I and SPARK Academy.
    SPARK Academy is a "language acquisition" focused academy. Rather than having students read and write a lot, we come up with creative ways to engage in learning the English language. Currently, we are looking for two teachers who are capable of both teaching as a substitute and working in R & D for our academy. We look for teachers with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to help guide our early learners so that they can grow and ...
    ID:268540| 2021/01/12/15点
  • Seoul Jobs > EDU
    KRW 25,000 - 30,000 per hour
    Dynamic Candidates Wanted for Virtual Education Contract Position with Young Learners
    Job Description
    Your Job
    Provide a fun, no-pressure “Joyful first step into English learning” based on bright and engaging content provided by the company (format: Google Slides).
    Lead 3 to 4 young learners through a fun, interactive, 30 minute “ESL-lite” lesson via Zoom.
    Who We Are
    Todo Live is an innovative live language coaching service launched in November 2020 with content based on our app, Todo English. The app was launched in early 2020 by an award-winning digital learning company, Enuma, bas...
    ID:268539| 2021/01/12/15点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Winter School English Teacher for 7-12 Years Old @ Line 8 YuXin Subway Station
    Wnter Schools English Teacher for 7-12 Years Old
    @ Line 8 YuXin Subway Station
    Hi! E-Mind is an English training center next to YuXin Subway of Line 8, providing ESL and EFL program to local school students, from 5 to 12 years old. We are looking for teachers for the 2021 Winter Schools.
    Winter School Schedule:
    Week 1 (5 days): Jan18-Jan22 (15:50-17:40, 2hrs per day)
    Week 2 (5 days): Feb22-Feb26 (8hrs per day)
    We are a training center about five years old. We are very serious about teaching students English. ...
    ID:268359| 2021/01/10/10点
  • Beijing Jobs > EDU
    Travelogue Presenter
    Travelogue is our flagship travel show which takes you to unique destinations in China and across the globe. The program offers all the elements of a fascinating journey: adventure and discovery, rich tales of history, diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and tantalizing food.
    We’re looking for a confident and charismatic on-camera presenter to conduct interviews for both our TV and social platforms. This position will research and write proposals to pitch new program ideas, write, voice and finalize scripts, and is the key contributor to the social...
    ID:268358| 2021/01/10/10点
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